Which celebrity is İsmail Demirci married to?
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26 March 2023 00:08


Which celebrity is İsmail Demirci married to?

Aslıhan Güner and İsmail Demirci are in the leading roles of the North Star series, which continues with its second season on Show TV screen. Their harmony is very successful and their energy is very high.

The series, which is the joy of Saturday evenings with entertaining episodes, is also the subscriber of the first place with its total rating performance… The change in İsmail Demirci also draws attention after taking part in the North Star series.

Demirci is married to the famous actress Hande Soral, as many of his fans know … The two have to stay apart for a long time due to the shooting of the series … İsmail Demirci, who left his wife alone due to the filming in Ordu last season, got his wife after the filming was postponed due to the pandemic and this period good progress had been made in spending time together again for a long time.

Nowadays, İsmail Demirci takes part in the filming again in Ordu and continues to work separately from his wife. The famous actor did not have much interest in social media before he started this series.

He rarely shared, but after his popularity in the series increased, he both attracted attention and increased his fan base with his humorous shares on social media.

His account is less than reaching 1 million followers. With around 18.000 new followers, İsmail Demirci will reach the target of 1 million.

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