Who is Ozan Güven? Height - Age - Series - Family
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29 March 2023 08:55


Who is Ozan Güven? Height – Age – Series – Family

Ozan Muharrem Güven was born on May 19, 1975 in Nürnberg / Germany. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor.

Name: Ozan Muharrem Güven
Date of Birth: May 19, 1975
Place of Birth: Nürnberg / Germany
Height: 1.75 m.
Weight: 67 kg
Horoscope: Taurus
Eye color brown
Child: Ali Ateş Güven
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ozan.guven/
Pets: He has a dog.

Family: His father passed away in a traffic accident when he was just seven. Their grandfather settled in Germany. His mother was working in a firm in Germany. “My aunt was looking after me, I was going home. Longing for a father was always there, but life was going on, after all. One day we will all die. One grows up without a father and becomes a useful man, the other grows up in a loving family and becomes a bagman. Whatever will be human will be. The children are coming. We spoil you. ”

Childhood message: The happiest and most traumatic memory of childhood is cowboys. “When I was little I used to play alone. I would go there and then to the other. I would be very happy when I shot someone. Then I became a cowboy in Yahşi Batı. This happened to me on set. It was a very strange feeling. ”

Education life: He graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Modern Dance Department. He took acting lessons at the Izmir Municipal Conservatory and worked at the Şahika Tekand Theater.

The first step to acting: He started his television adventure with the series ‘Growing the Flower’ (Çiçeği Büyütmek).

With which project did he shine? He drew attention with the character ‘Ulaş’, which he portrayed in the ‘Second Spring'(İkinci Bahar) series.

Mindset: He does not want to walk around in his private life like an actor, actor and famous person. “It happens that way, things outside of work obviously do not interest me much. I want to stay cleaner, people don’t need to know my thing just because I am doing this job. I did not deprive myself of anything because I am doing this profession. There is nothing in my private life that I wanted to do but could not do; I also go on vacation with my son, I also go on vacation alone. I can spend time like everyone else. ”

The source of happiness: The actors I starred in the TV series ‘Second Spring’ (İkinci Bahar) are considered the greatest chance and source of happiness. “It’s been so long! I can say that it is one of the most precious works I have done, that his memories are kept alive. The late Meral Sister (Okay) was calling it ‘the Second Spring’. Like a jewel, it was a series that I would keep as long as I could write my life. My acting life is ‘Second Spring’, so to speak, that runs the engine. Years later, let’s see the life of Ulaş, Hanım and Ali Haydar again, I would take my place at the head of those stairs again in Samatya square. The result was a series that affected not only my career, but also my private life. The return of our child with Türkan Derya, whom I met on the set of “Second Spring” and whose work I respect very much, is a means of return.

First motion picture: Ali Özgentürk / Balalayka

The definition of love: “I don’t know. No one has been able to do so until today, I have no idea! ”

View of life: What period of your life would you like to stay? ”The answer would be“ between 40 and 45 ”. He doesn’t want to go back to his 20s. “Either nothing is solved, it’s very difficult. You start to understand a little at 30, already a lifetime until 20. Between 20-30 is not very fast, it started to pass quickly after 40, so it must be related to something. ”

His attitude to business life: He does not have any job he regrets after doing it professionally. “Scenario is very important in projects. In our country, when a TV series fails to work, it is loaded on the leading actor. However, I think the main problem is the scenario. It is usually spoken over the face in the showcase. However, this is not a one-man show, it is a collective business. People can shoulder success alone, but nobody wants to share failure. I am against talking about a work done for television or cinema through a single name. Yes, that person is a reason to watch, but not a reason to continue. If the story is not believable, the result will definitely be disappointing. It’s really hard to write something good and quality for a TV show every week. People think of being famous and famous more than profession. If they put a tree on TV, people would take pictures even with it. Talent does not remain hidden today. I still don’t think I’m talented. As for the script, I first ask the name of the character I will play. I don’t want to be a good actor of a very bad story. This won’t do me anything, but that movie will remain on the shelves. I am willing to be a bad actor of a good project. ”

Career plan: He pays attention not to take part in a project every year. He is resting himself. “I can’t get ready right away. If I work for 2 years, I definitely leave a gap for 2 years. I also get bored with myself, so there is always a pause in my works. And I think I’m old now, I can’t work that long. I also want to try every role and do things that I couldn’t do in my private life on set. ”

How has being a father changed your life? “When he is a human child, he thinks if there is anything more precious than that. You say to a woman, “I will die for you.” Just think about Azrail coming. ‘Come on, we’re getting it. Are you? If he says “Is it?”, Maybe you will think, “He’s gone, get him.” But if you had something like that with your child, ‘Is that the question too? You answer me, “Get me.” Having a child is a state of self-abandonment. More precious than your life. ”

Concerns: He believes women can fix the world. He doesn’t think men can fix it. He also thinks that male-dominated, female-dominated things in society are rhetoric to keep busy. “While we need to act in common and pursue common sense, tearing it down to one side or lightening one side actually feels like distributing responsibility and stalling. Therefore, we should not separate men and women, we should look at the general society. We have become an oppressive society. We need some education, love, compassion. We are a society that feeds on and cheers on them. We have to pat our back a little, we should love each other. ”

Relationship with money? “Money is something that should be kept for some, should be pursued for some, and indispensable for others. For me, it’s something that should be spent. ”

Favorite food? Stuffed leaves and dried beans.

Most disliked feature? Impatience.

Comedy or drama? Drama. “I’m not a comedy actor. Drama is my comfort zone. ”


2020-Babel / Egemen

2018-Jet Society / Levent Çıkrıkçıoğlu (Guest player)

2017 / 2018- Phi / Can Manay

2013/2014-Magnificent Century / Damat Rüstem Pasha

2012 Dark Red / Cemil Şenel

2010 – Back Streets (guest actor)

2008/2010- Dear Family / Ali

2005-Steal My Heart / Kibar Necmi

2004-A Tale Of Istanbul / Demir Arhan

2004 Tell me Istanbul (Anlat İstanbul) / Follower Man (guest actor)

2002-Call Me Brother (Bana Abi De) / Yigit

2003-Cloud in the Air (Havada Bulut) / Necip

2002-Aslı and Kerem / Kerem

2002-My Coach (Koçum Benim) / Umut

2001-The World Is Here (Dünya Varmış) / Çetin

1998/2001-Second Spring (İkinci Bahar) / Ulaş

1998 – Growing the Flower (Çiçeği Büyütmek)


2020- Karakomik Filmler/ Köpek Sahibi

2019 -Karakomik Filmler: 2 Arada /Mülakatçı

2019- Karakomik Filmler: Kaçamak/ Ethem

2018 -Arif V 216 /Robot 216

2016 -Annemin Yarası /Borislav

2014 -Pek Yakında / Boğaç Boray

2010 -Ejder Kapanı / Remzi

2010-Yahşi Batı/Lemi Galip

2008 -A.R.O.G / Taşo

2004-Yazı Tura /Asker

2004 -G.O.R.A. / Robot 216

2002 -9 / Kaya


2000 -Yıldız Tepe (TV Filmi)


Don Kişot’um Ben 2018


2019- Outstanding Akmen Theater Awards / Actor of the Year / Don Kişot’um Ben

2000 – 22nd SİYAD Turkish Cinema Awards / Promising Young Actor / Balalayka

2003 – 10th ÇASOD Player Awards / Jury Special Award / 9

2005 – 1. Beyaz İnci TV Awards / Best Supporting Actor / An Tale Of Istanbul

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