Who is İsmail Demirci? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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29 November 2022 21:08


Who is İsmail Demirci? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

İsmail Demirci was born on November 13, 1984 in Ankara. He is a Turkish TV series and film actor.

Name: İsmail Demirci
Date of Birth: November 13, 1984
Place of Birth: Ankara
Length: 1.92 m.
Weight: 79 kilos
Zodiac: Scorpio
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Mother: Courtesy Demirci
Father: Fevzi Demirci
Spouse: Hande Soral
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ismaildemirci/
Pets: Dog Ceku

Family: In 2017, he married Hande Soral. He is very fond of his parents. “My core family relationships are very strong. I love my mom and dad. I will be very sorry if anything happens to them. ”

Childhood years: He studied computer programming at the request of his family, but since the lion in his heart was the theater, he took the exams again at the age of 23 and chose acting as a hobby and started this way. “I finished Gazi University Computer Programming. And I found myself working in the internet cafe or even wiping the monitor. I did a job that I didn’t like to make my family satisfied. As for acting, I’m getting ready for my aunt ‘conservatory, which is angry with me because I’m at the computer all day? I started with a lie I said. And finally I started to really get ready for the conservatory. In my first attempt, I won Eskişehir Anadolu University State Conservatory. Actually, I try to do my hobby as a profession and sincerity. ”

Education life: Graduated from Anadolu University State Conservatory Theater Department.

First step to acting: For the first time in 2010, he appeared in front of the camera with the series ‘Türkan’.

Which project did it shine with? It drew attention with the character of ‘Erkan’, which he portrayed in the ‘Valley of the Wolves’ series.

Personality traits: Emotional, humble, inspiring, compassionate, funny, sometimes moody but very understanding.

Mindset: He has no political views, humanist, believes in sincerity. “I don’t believe in religion, language or race. There is nothing I am interested in except for its name and object. I am as modest as possible. I love being in balance. I do my job very morally, properly and properly. I don’t regret anything. Life is mine with love. I would say anything to anyone’s face, who wants and goes, does not want. I don’t have a situation for everyone to love me. ”

How’s someone on the set? Disciplined. I’m not late to rehearse any set in life, and probably won’t.”

Happiness: Fans’ interest. “I like being liked, of course I can’t lie, I never refuse someone who wants to have a photo taken for signature. Because we make money and exist thanks to those people. ”

First feature film: Oğuz Çelik / Tut Sözunu

Definition of love: He prefers to live rather than define love. “I can be excited when I see everything. Love comes from AŞK plant. AŞK hugs and kills his hugs. I don’t think so. Without the pain of love breaking beautiful? ”

His outlook on life: The thing he values ​​most in his life; Sincerity. “I often observe people. For example, I know the beggar who will give money from the sincerity in his eyes. Sincerity flows, you understand. I have removed many who are not sincere from my life. ”

Business perspective: He aimed to meet the audience with different roles. “I haven’t played a single thing in my career so far. I will not want to do this job if I will play uniformly. There is no point in acting if I am going to play the good or bad guy in my life. Every evil has a reason. It is not for no bad reason. If you are based on these reasons, the bad guy is also loved. We are accustomed to cardboard villains, but if the bad guys have reasons, they say, ‘He’s doing this, but he’s actually right,’ he’s the bad guy. I am not a player who cares about the rating. “Do I do something I will show my children in the future?” The rest is the audience’s discretion. I want to do something I can be proud of first. This is more important than rating. ”

Career plan: He does not agree to play characters that look like his own personality. He tries to play as many different characters as possible. It is easy to say, “Let me play the same, let me win my life.” I like to do the hard thing. My goal is to always play in different roles. I prefer to be a character player rather than Jö. My career plan also says ‘watch this guy play if he’s playing’. ”

Future Dream : His dream is to serve different branches of the industry. “I want to be a director. I’m scribbling something. I want to shoot my own movies one day. I think there are good directors out of the actors. I hope I will take the right steps to become a good director. I think I will be where I want in terms of career in the future. My main goal in life is to be happy. ”

What does he do at home? Very good with the kitchen, no food he can’t cook. “I can make ice cream fries, what more can I say. It is an incredible taste of Chinese cuisine. I love the imam too. No food I can’t. Food is a passion for me. I can say that I live for food. I go to the other side of the world to eat well. ”

What he dislikes most? He doesn’t like being inspired. “I’m a very evil type. If I see two hairs missing on my leg, I would travel ‘God, I have cancer!’ ”


2019 / 2020- North Star / Kuzey Mollaoğlu
2018 – Çarpışma / Galip
2018 – Mehmed The Conqueror / Prince Orhan
2017 – My Father’s Sins / Reha
2016-2017 – Magnificent Century Kösem / Kemankeş Kara Mustafa Paşa
2015 – Sparrow Palace / Ramadan
2015 – Factory Girl / Ferhat
2014 – Code Name Reaction / Tekin
2012/2013 – Valley of the Wolves Ambush Erkan Öztürk
2013/2014 – I Loved It Very Much / Talat Asal
2011 – Purple Violets / Harun
2011 – Mothers and Daughters / Sedat
2010 – Türkan / Assistant Dr. Mehmet


2017 – Mail Box / Nihat
2016 – Father’s Father / Berk
2014 – Keep Your Promise


2017- Krajina Festival of Bosnia and Herzegovina / Best Actor / Mailbox Movie

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