Who is Mesut Akusta? Height - Age - Series - Family
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27 November 2022 11:44


Who is Mesut Akusta? Height – Age – Series – Family

Mesut Akusta was born on February 22, 1964 in Konya. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor.

Name: Mesut Akusta
Date of Birth: February 22, 1964
Place of Birth: Konya
Height: 1.80 m.
Weight: 85 kg
Horoscope: Pisces
Eye color brown
Mother: Sare Akusta
Father: Ali Akusta
Spouse: Safak Ozbir
Child: Berfin Akusta
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mesutakusta/

Family: He lost his father when he was a child, Then he moved to Ankara with his family. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara. He married Şafak Özbir in 2016. The couple has a daughter named Berfin.

Education life: After completing his high school education in Ankara, he graduated from the Faculty of Literature and Art.

How did he start acting? He started theater with a children’s play in Ankara. In 1992, Hadi Çaman joined Yedi Tepe Players. In 1997, she took a role in the play named Cahide, written by Nezihe Araz.

The first step to acting: He started his television adventure in 1993 with the series ‘Son Söz Sevginin’.

With which project did it shine? He drew attention with the character “Kendal Şamverdi” in the TV series “Karagül”.

Mindset: He likes to have intimate relationships with people. He thinks the actor should not stay away from the public. “I’m a little sincere. You cannot do anything for the people and live away from the people. I’m not staying away from the public either. Our sincerity passes on to people. They think, “Good actor, he can really annoy us.” I also love to annoy the audience with my role. That’s why they both love me and hate me. I also have fun playing bad characters. I love adding a lot to the role. That’s why they offer such roles.

Source of happiness: He has survived many adversities, but his greatest happiness is that he is still healthy and able to do his job. “I have not experienced anything. I had accidents and surgeries. I want no setbacks from now on. My cheekbone was broken in a traffic accident. The shape of my face has also changed. I had a six-hour surgery. I have pain in my knees that it brings. I had a cerebral hemorrhage when I was 14 when I was a child, but these didn’t kill. Thank God I can still do my job. I love being positive. ”

First motion picture: Fide Motan / Yanlış Saksının Çiçeği

The view of love: I got married in my 50s. I wouldn’t look like a man to marry, but it happens when it hits a wall at 200 kilometers. I fell in love with my wife. Good thing I got to know Dawn. Şafak has a hotel in Büyükada. I was staying there too. Coincidentally I saw Dawn there. The island creates a different atmosphere. We fell in love with each other and came to this day. Our marriage is also going very well. ”

His attitude to life: He always acts as a giver when his beloved ones talk. “Karacaoğlan has a saying,” What you save is not yours, you share it “. I love to share, so I got so ripped off by my friends. I say, “Let my head be the alms of my eyes.” I am a good person, I cannot stop being nice. My biggest treasure is my family and profession. I’m not doing myself a favor. I was mean to myself and generous to others. From now on, I want to do things that will raise myself, my mood and my mood. Now I will not lend money to anyone until I die. Because to whom I loaned until today I lost all of them. They are neither seeking nor asking. Your friendship is ending. I’ve lost everyone I’ve been good to. But I will not stop being a good person. Therefore, I am being deceived. I don’t want to make mistakes again until we die, but we are human after all, we all have mistakes. ”

How being a father changed his life: After becoming a father, he began to be more careful and take better care of himself. “Actually my thoughts did not change much after I became a father. I have always been responsible in my life, and there was a production that owned it. My sense of being that father increases with each passing day. When I come home and take my daughter in my arms, all my tiredness goes away. ”

His view of business life: Despite his difficulties, he loves his job and wants to act as long as he lives. “I love acting; because you can play any role, you can control every emotion. This is an exhausting, sick profession for the body and the brain. It can creep or kill a person. ”

Career plan: He thinks the good play the bad better. Feminine roles have always been preferred in career planning. He likes more difficult roles that will tire him.

Future Dream: He really wants to play a disabled character. “What and how they live in them, how do they communicate with people, how are their days passed; it would be nice to study and play that role with emotion. I would also like to get older and play by giving that character’s voice. ”

Concerns: Although he dreams of a country without quarrels, noises, where people can empathize with each other, he is now hopeless and tired of dreaming “My despair is probably about getting old. Every region of our country is very beautiful. Drinking water goes to many countries from Halfeti. People come here for a picnic, leave their garbage without shame, and have a picnic again the next day. same everywhere in Turkey. I don’t have a dream of a beautiful country, its nail is out. ”

What does he do at home? He’s good with the kitchen, he makes good menemen. He loves breakfast. “I am usually a housewife. I have a bag with tools for making fine beads. I make rosaries and necklaces for myself and my friends. I especially like amber stone. My head is relaxed, resting, I’m relieving stress. ”


2020: Babel / Süleyman

2019- Lost Scent / Battal Torosoğlu

2017 / 2018- The Grand Family / Ekrem Yıldıran

2017- Eternal / Tekin Zerdan

2017- Yıldızlar Şahidim (Stars Are My Witness’) / Fikret

2016: Köroğlu – Bolu Governor

2013 / 2016- Karagül / Kendal Şamverdi

2011: Moon Struck – Şevket

2009: Ezel

2009: Umut- Turan Bey

2009 / 2011- Valley of the Wolves Ambush / Ünsal Kemal Alnıaçık

2009 / 2011- Ezel / Commissioner Serkan

2008: İpsiz Recep- Şerif

2007- Sessiz Fırtına (Silent Storm) / Barut Demirci

2006- Karagümrük Yanıyor (Karagümrük is Burning) / Gafur

2004: Çocuklar Ne Olacak?- Oktay

2003- Kurşun Yarası (Bullet Wound) / Rıza

2001- Benimle Evlenir misin? (Will You Marry Me?)

2001- Güz Gülleri (Fall Roses)

2000- Paşa Baba Konağı (Pasha Baba Mansion) / Hüdai

1998- Affet Bizi Hocam (Forgive Us Teacher)

1998- Deli Yürek / Burhan

1997- Yasemin

1993- Son Söz Sevginin


2019- 7. Koğuştaki Mucize / Yusuf

2019- Lady Winsley/ İsmail

2018- Börü/ İrfan Aladağ

2016- Memleket/ Seydi

2015- Kanlı Postal/ Komutan Esat

2013- Gitma Baba/ Harun

2012- Dağ / Kemal Karadağ

2010- Kako si?/ Fatih

2009- Umut

2006- Cenneti Beklerken/ Osman

2000- Filler ve Çimen

1998- Her Şey Çok Güzel Olacak / Resepsiyonist

1997- Yanlış Saksının Çiçeği


1997 – Nezihe Araz/ Cahide

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