Who is Murat Aygen? Where is he from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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3 October 2022 17:56


Who is Murat Aygen? Where is he from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Murat Aygen was born on October 29, 1971 in Diyarbakır. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor.

Name: Murat Aygen
Date of Birth: October 29, 1971
Birthplace: Diyarbakir
Height: 1.88 m.
Weight: 80 kilos
Sign: Scorpio
Eye color: brown
Wife: Nihan Asli Elmas
Child: Nil Aygen
Siblings: Nil Sayışman
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/murataygen/

Family: Born in Diyarbakir, grew up in Istanbul. His real name is Murat Ağlatçı. He married actress Nihan Aslı Elmas in 2010. The couple has a daughter named Nil.

Childhood years: He was a child who dreamed a lot, one of his dreams was to be an actor. “I started performing when I was 7-8 years old. A lady who had watched me on stage one day turned around in the street and said, “Oh, you are that child” and kissed my forehead. The place is still warm. I clearly remember the feeling of happiness at that moment and the feeling that I should have everyone do this together. But of course I didn’t build my life around it. We dream so much in childhood that I don’t really remember what my biggest dream was. But since I came and decided on acting and design, it means that these were the ones whose dreams outweighed the most. I believe in coincidences. I think that the chain of coincidences that pushed me into acting was due to the fact that my perceptions were clear in line with the dreams I had in this regard.”

Education life: He studied at Istanbul University Biology in 1992, Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Musical Theater Acting in 1998, and Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Opera Master’s Department in 2002.

The first step into acting: He started his television adventure with the character of “Cem”, which he portrayed in the TV series “Paramparça Aşklar”.

Which project did it shine with? He attracted attention with the character of “Faruk Beylice”, which he portrayed in the TV series “Medcezir”.

Career: He worked as a vocal lecturer in the Opera and Musical Department of Istanbul University State Conservatory between 2000 and 2001, and as a lecturer in Theater Technique at Istanbul Kültür University between 2000 and 2004. Since 1985, he was an actor, copywriter, art director, supervisor, assistant in the advertising industry. He has been working as a director, dubbing artist and actor in the cinema and television industry since 1998.

Personality Traits: He grew up in Istanbul. Mathematics, art, design and sports have always been indispensable. “Anything that pushes the limits of my mind is very interesting to me. I love and care about love and sharing it. For me, the most valuable thing in life is knowledge and time. I have spent my whole life working to be a good student so that I can learn more. The information I have is; I try to have more ownership by passing it on to others. Time is a very important concept that we should not spend too easily. Because even if you can divide it mathematically, we should not waste it because it is a concept that is constantly added. For example, I can remember my 20s, but I will never be in my 20s again. Therefore, in order not to have regrets, it is useful to enjoy the time and make good use of it. In this sense, I am saying that I have a lot of regrets from him. I am a father who is currently working as an actor, educator and businessman. “

Hobby: He has a talent for all physical activities. “I sing, I dance, I give speeches at various organizations and seminars. I am a crystal mineral and fossil collector. All of this definitely feeds the characters I acting.”

Mindset: Doesn’t add much meaning to fame. “Fame means nothing to me. Popular works rule the average perception, it can be the easiest to stifle happiness. But then you’re left with only those who represent an existence to be popular. When one day it is not; You also lose the feelings that will explain and define yourself. What is real is life itself.”

First feature film: Yavuz Turgul/ Av Mevsimi

His view of love: “Love is when you see what no one else sees. Love for me is my wife Nihan and my daughter Nil. Love has no other definition for me. Nihan is Milad for me. The moment I saw her in 2010, I said ‘my wife will be the mother of my children’. I was preparing a project. She had auditioned for the project. Each candidate had ten minutes. From the first minute she walked through that door, I had imagined that my life would be like this. She auditioned three times, we started working, and I immediately said my opinion: ‘You’re pretty much my wife, we need to get married immediately.’ I think it’s a level of maturity. Because we always use and feel this sentence in every relationship. But one day something happens and you feel very happy, brave, strong, good and safe. You feel like you can do anything, then you understand. You can share everything openly and live openly. So you don’t define something, it just happens and you accept it.”

His outlook on life: 2010 was the turning point of his life. In his own words, he made the biggest cleaning in his life. “When you’re so busy, you hardly notice the blur in your life. Especially if your private life is disorderly and unloved, you don’t have a chance. And you always come to the surface a little more to get away from this blur, so you live very superficially and start to lose your depth. As a matter of fact, many things that you never need in your life are accumulating next to you. In 2010, I opened an exam to do the ‘Kramp Projesi’. On the second day of the exam, Nihan Aslı Elmas walked in the door and I felt like I was born again. Within 10 minutes of the first phase of the exam, I was so impressed with him that I felt braver and stronger than I’ve ever felt before. It was such a pure and clean feeling that; Many things that I did not see around me and that I later realized were hurting me started to come out of my life without pain. With great determination, I caused those who did not want to come out. It’s a bit broken, of course, but no one should be sorry. I would recommend it to everyone. My most basic advice is that when you realize the tiring mess around you, you will not feed the vein that feeds it, even if it is difficult and painful for you. It will dry up and fall. You will not cut it out, you will wait for it to dry and fall off.”

What has being a father brought to your life? He describes being a father as “an amazing experience”. “It’s a great experience because it’s a piece of you. I find it very interesting to be in the same house with a person who is so small and does so much. Being Nil’s father feels great, I feel like a student. Do not eat, do or make anything that you would not give your child. Then you can share more. We didn’t forbid anything, and he didn’t try to tamper with anything. Stone enthusiast collects stones. In other words, children are always curious about something, try to follow them. There is no such thing as this is wrong, this is right. They are no different from us, they are just small. Moreover, they have much more information. We don’t have that much courage or experience. It is very difficult to be born and start growing rather than giving birth, so life should not be made difficult for him. Let him learn. When you watch something, prefer to watch small screens in such a way that the eye can perceive other things. We do so. Thus, the effect of blue light, which disturbs the eye, decreases when mixed with other colors and lights. We also selectively show the contents. Sharing is very important. Must care. Child is like a boomerang, it comes back no matter how you throw it. The child puts everything you do in front of you, don’t ask where it came from, it comes to you with what he learned from you. Because there is only one source of learning and that is you. It needs to be evaluated very well. We bought two of a toy because we were removing one and putting it back on. This is very important for motor development. In terms of the diversity of his mind’s work, I say she should do these kinds of activities with them.”

Perspective on business life: He has been working as long as he can remember. Apart from the acting profession, there is an organization and consultancy company. “I have always had unfinished projects and dealings with trying to bring them to life. There were times when I felt as if someone had set me up and I had to work until it stopped. I progressed uncontrollably for a long time, but when I took control myself, the work became enjoyable. All my life I dreamed of being on stage. That’s what I did. Of course, this did not happen only in the theater and opera stages, I did all my work and meetings with the same motivation and I do it as if they were on the stage. Either way, I really like being on stage. My screen and screen experience is more recent than theater, so this delay was purely a choice. I guess I have a very entrepreneurial spirit. In 2000, I made the decision to quit everything related to stage and screen. I left one open door for myself just to shoot commercials. It has been so for about 12 years. As I said before, I set out to do the things I dreamed about my profession myself, instead of expecting it from others. I founded my own company serving in this field and got into the business world. I’ve never regretted doing this and I’ve learned a lot in this industry that is really satisfying to me.”

Career plan: He has a career in acting, directing, opera education, lecturer and soloist. “I spent part of my life searching. Because it was not taught to move forward by locking on a target. I learned this on the way. All that I have done so far, I actually did it out of my own need. In other words, I tried to implement all the works that were not as I imagined, by designing them in the way I imagined them to be. We can say that I was successful in some parts. In fact, in each of my jobs, I was able to find a place for myself in this social circle. But being known in popular culture, especially on television, is a lot of fun. I can’t see this as unfair, because that’s the rule. Although I never thought of making an album, I received very strange offers many times. I didn’t have much to evaluate. I think I’m being too detailed, but if you’re confronting the audience with a claim, you need more than coincidences. But I’m not always keeping the popular career target channel open. I prefer to play different roles. The characters I play are real people, for whom everyone finds something. Although we all look very different from each other, we are actually very similar to each other. It’s just that our reactions are different because of the social environments in which we were born, grew up and live.”

Favorite feature: His favorite part is that he is always busy with some projects.

What does he do at home? When he is not working, he sometimes stops and does nothing. “I stand by doing nothing and not thinking. It is very useful and I recommend it to everyone. I love spending time with my family. I like making music, taking photos and collecting. I will have different posts on these topics with people in the near future. Since I’m already dealing with more than one thing other than acting, I will always prefer to stay that way.”

Does he follow fashion? He likes to follow the innovations in fashion. “I’m not bad with fashion. I follow the innovations and use the ones that suit me. I respect everything that is innovative and creative. In my daily life, I like to wear comfortable and uncommon combinations.”

How does it keep its shape? He does sports. “We love and do sports as a family. There are workout systems we follow. I love sports that require performance, speed and power.”


2008 – Shattered Love / Cem

2009 – Ash and Fire / Doctor Hakan

2011 – Detective Memoli / Kürşat

2013 /2015- Medcezir / Faruk Beylice

2015 – Maral: My Best Story / Hakan

2016 /2017- Bodrum Tale / Evren Ergüven

2017 /2018- Bride from Istanbul / Can

2018 – Şahin Tepesi / Demir Akdora

2021- Student House/ Vedat

2019/2021 – Miracle Doctor / Tanju Korman


2019-The Names are Lost First/ Adem (Short Film)

2018- Yanımda Kal

2010 – Av Mevsimi / Şevket Altun

2005 – Ankara Ekspresi / Binbaşı Seyfi (TV Movie)


Between 1991 and 1995, in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theatres; ‘Gözlerimi Kaparım Vazifemi Yaparım’, ‘İnsan Bahçesi’, ‘Barışa Şans Verin’, ‘Kadınlar da Savaşı Yitirdi’, ‘Evita’, ‘Dans Birimi’, ‘Bedia Muvahhit’, ‘Moliere’ or ‘Kara Komplo’, ‘Tartue’, ‘Mösyö Buttery’, ‘Atatürk ve Sanat’. Between 1995 and 2000, he worked as a soloist singer in the projects titled ‘Müzikallerden Seçmeler’, ‘Beni Seviyor’ at the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet, and as an actor, music and effects designer in the play “Altın Göl” at the Theater Istanbul between 1999 and 2001.

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