Can Yaman's most important strategy in his acting career!
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7 October 2022 08:09


Can Yaman’s most important strategy in his acting career!

Can Yaman, who signed with the Italian TV series Sandokan, got the opportunity to take a vacation after long training sessions. The actor, who took a vacation with his lover first in Italy and then in Turkey, does not fall from the agenda of the magazine. The actor, who has the opportunity to rest these days, will go to the set in November.

This is not a problem for the famous actor, who also cooperates with different companies and has a busy work schedule… Can Yaman, a TV series actor, and busy hours are spent on the set. However, this situation is not a problem for Can at all. Can Yaman says that there are times when he goes to work for 17 hours after sleeping for 3 hours. The actor does not complain about this at all.

Can Yaman, who stated in his interviews that his busy work pace is not a problem for him, said, “For me, peace and high energy on set are very important. Because there is a team that we are together for 15 -16 hours a day. We become like a family,” he said, explaining that the shooting of the series had a different environment.

Stating that unpleasantness and tensions can also occur in such environments, Can Yaman underlines the importance of teamwork by saying, “However, it is very important for everyone to be peaceful, to smile, and to work with high energy.”

Stating that change is important, Can Yaman also drew attention with the following words: “Our job is to change and get used to it. To wear and feel different identities on us. I volunteered for such a change and image.”

The actor, who pays attention to appearing in front of his fans with different images in all his roles, also likes to always be on top of the attention. The player uses different images and different characters as a strategy to confront their fans. Can, who is also very pleased with this, does not want to repeat herself.

Can Yaman said, “I always paid attention to appear before the audience with a different image in all my roles. In this sense, I always refused to take it easy and repeat myself. I think that I have done justice to all the roles I have -acted so far, and that I have handled every role well. From now on, it is my goal not to disappoint trusts,” he said.

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