Who is Nur Fettahoğlu? Height - Age - Series - Family
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25 March 2023 23:39


Who is Nur Fettahoğlu? Height – Age – Series – Family

Nur Fettahoğlu was born on 12 November 1980 in Duisburg, Germany. Turkish TV series and movie actress.

Name: Nur Fettahoğlu
Date of Birth: November 12, 1980
Birthplace: Duisburg / Germany
Height: 1.69 m.
Weight: 54 kg
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Eye Color: Green
Mother: Fatma Fettahoğlu
Father: Sinan Fettahoğlu
Spouse: Levent Veziroğlu
Child: Elisa Güzin Veziroğlu
Siblings: She has 4 siblings
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eclipsnf/
Pets: She has a cat.

Family: Originally from Rize, from the father’s side Albanian origin Cretan, and from the mother’s side Kosova. Her father is an architect and her mother is a housewife. She was born in Germany. yet three years old when she returned to Turkey. The fourth of five siblings. They settled when they return to Turkey. In 2013, she got married with businessman Levent Veziroğlu. The couple has a daughter named Elisa Guzin.

Childhood years: Her childhood was full of fun and fun with a large family and siblings despite the difficulties. They were children playing on the street, with friends of the neighborhood. Acting was a childhood dream. “The school was very close to home. Ours was a family apartment; five siblings, three cousins, we were all at the same school. We used to hold hands and go to school together. Right now, I am very unhappy that my child will not be able to experience this, now we are afraid while taking a step. Actually acting was my childhood dream. At that time, I didn’t call it acting, but when I was younger, I used to make sketches and imitations with my brothers. I also joined the theater group at the school. In short, it was something I have always dreamed of and wanted to be, since my early childhood. ”

Education life: She graduated from Haliç University, Fashion Design Department.

The first step into acting: She started his television adventure with the TV series ‘No Father from Me’ (Benden Baba Olmaz).

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character of ‘Peyker’ in ‘Forbidden Love’ series.

Personality traits: Strong, warrior and, where necessary, stubborn, prescriptive, cheerful, funny.

Social: She tries to spend all her time with her daughter and family in her spare time from work. “I miss my daughter, so I try to spend all my time off the set with my daughter. There are still a lot of plays and exhibitions that I have planned but have not been able to go through. I also love to travel and cleanse.

Mindset: She respects her job and does her best to be a successful player. “Everything starts with respect for your job. If you respect your job, you will read, learn, research, travel and live in person. At the point where you say “I am”, when you say “my job defines me”, you lose your excitement and start to regress. In short, always moving forward and developing is the most important factor. ”

A source of happiness: She thinks that every age has a different beauty and is happy about it. “There are too many patterns in our lives: You play this, you do this, nothing will happen from you anymore, you are too old, you have wrinkles. No, what no way. Every age has its own beauty. As long as we know the value of this, let’s be at peace with ourselves. I am here, take advantage of my meat, milk and wool, the player should be able to say at every age. The field is now recognized, which means that our perspective is finally expanding. This situation makes me very happy. ”

First motion picture: Zübeyr Şaşmaz / Valley of the Wolves: Palestine

The look at love: Love, the state of being lost. It means forgetting time, not knowing how it passes, or on the contrary, not knowing how time will pass in order to reach a certain moment. I am an altruistic lover. I place the person I love at the center of my life. I believe this is in the definition of love. If he doesn’t have your heart and mind, it’s not the love you already feel. I live the love within myself. It is enough for my beloved to know and for him to fall in love with me. ”

Her view of life: She loves her 30s very much, in a period where her perception is most open, she looks at life with different eyes and hugs her values ​​and friends more. “I opened my sails, let myself go to the wind, I am cruising in its warmth and peace. I am in the phase of enjoying life and realizing myself, gratefully for everything I have experienced and will experience. ”

Her view of business life: Acting is a must, she feels incomplete when she is not doing her job. “Acting is for me, being in front of the camera; means expressing, telling, understanding, being free, embracing, hugging, falling in love, reaching out, noticing and sometimes surrendering; It means putting all the emotions into one plan. That’s why it feels good. ”

Career plan: She always wants to play different characters, roles that can develop her. In the selection of the project, it pays attention not only to the character, but also to how it is processed and what kind of team it is implemented with. “Actually, it would not be correct to say that I choose projects by looking at something specific. Many characters come before me, but I saw that I choose the characters that have the most trouble at the end. To understand them, to experience the processes of revealing the powers within, to watch them cling to life. Basically, the character needs to absorb me the moment I read it. It means that I do not agree, sometimes I do not get angry, I do not understand, I do not feel sorry, I do not rejoice, I do not absorb the background of the character. It’s hard to get on set without doing this. In addition, it is necessary to look not only at the character, but also at the whole frame. Because acting is a business of interaction. When you don’t understand this whole and position yourself by reacting to it, it starts to skew. I always said that I wanted to play difficult characters, and finally I played such a character in ‘Phi’ with the role of ‘Billur’, albeit briefly. The characters I want to play do not have an end, I do not want to restrict them to certain patterns. ”

Future Dream: Although dreams are motivating, they find it more appropriate to live in the moment and stay in the moment. “So I can’t say I want this or that in the future; I try to find the ideal balance between these two situations for both my family and my work. I wish to be one of those actors whose aura can go beyond the screen. ”

What has being a mother changed in her life? “Being a mother requires always being one step ahead. It is a huge responsibility, these responsibilities are increasing day by day. Moreover, it is necessary to keep the brain working all the time, to think about everything positive and negative together without even a minute, and to act cautiously. Actually living the future and the past together. There is no formula for this job, of course, you sometimes question yourself: “Am I a good mother, do I contradict myself?” You also have questions in your mind. However, when you forget everything and just live your baby, you feel an indescribable peace and happiness, and his presence turns into a phenomenon that you are thankful for every day. ”

What is she most angry with? She has no tolerance for lies. “When someone lies, I will scratch it.”

Who does she admire? She would have liked to share the same stage with actors Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep and Lupita Nyong.

The attractiveness criterion in men: The most important feature of the man she will fall in love with is his reliability.

In what situations does she criticize herself? She criticizes herself too much, but over time he managed to rub off this feature. I would ‘beat’ myself a little too much. But it works. Previously, this criticism could be overwhelming. Almost like a phoenix, I was burning myself inside of me, then trying to re-create it from my ashes. Now, I am closer to Nur, instead of fighting and constantly struggling with him, I give him the right and act with him. ”

The TV series she followed? Game of Thrones and True Detective can’t give up. She also follows Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel and Sense 8.

How does he keep her shape? She eats healthily, drinks plenty of water and exercises whenever she has time. “Eating healthy and exercising makes me feel fit. On the other hand, peace and happiness change human energy; I believe this also translates into positive expression. Being peaceful and happy is also something that requires effort. In daily life, we can obsess about even the smallest things, we can have trouble, our minds sometimes teach us this, it is necessary to break these learning patterns and to look positively. Apart from that, I take care to keep my skin clean. ”

Does she follow fashion? She prefers to wear what suits her. She defines her style as simple, natural and feminine. “Frankly, a fashion statement is an indicator of my lifestyle. Of course, I have a weakness for fine and aesthetic works, but I cannot say that I am very interested as a general concept. I don’t remember when was the last time I bought something called ‘this is fashion now’ and wore it. I dress as simple and practical as possible in my daily life. But of course I am colored thanks to the characters I play! ”

Foreign directors she likes? Almodovar, Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese and Alejandro G. Inaruttu.


2007-No Father From Me (Benden Baba Olmaz) / Tülay Cenk

2007 -Gönül Salıncağı / Aylin Arısoy

2008/2010-Forbidden Love / Peyker Yöreoğlu Önal

2011/2014-Magnificent Century / Mahidevran Sultan

2014/2015 – Life As It Is / Assoc. Dr. Safak Gunay

2015/2016 -Filinta / Sureyya

2017/2018-Phi / Billur

2017/2018 -The Last Emperor / Abkhaz Princess Efsun

2018/2019-Steppe (Bozkır) / Dilara Eroğlu

2019-Sisters / Umay Karay

2020- Babel / Eda


2011-Gişe Memuru /The woman

2011 -Kurtlar Vadisi Filistin /Simone

2018- Deliler Fatih’in Fermanı / Alaca

2020- Benden Ne Olur / Harika Bal


2011-Ayaklı Gazete TV Stars / Best Supporting Actress / Magnificent Century

2012-Ayaklı Gazete TV Stars / Best Supporting Actress of Period Series / Magnificent Century

2013 -TUROB Successful Turkish Series / Acknowledgment Award / Magnificent Century

2013-Ayaklı Gazete TV Stars / Best Supporting Actress of Period Series / Magnificent Century

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