Actors - Actresses Who is Rıza Kocaoğlu? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Who is Rıza Kocaoğlu? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

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Rıza Kocaoğlu was born on March 19, 1979 in İzmir. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor.

Name: Rıza Kocaoğlu
Date of Birth: March 19, 1979
Place of Birth: İzmir
Height: 1.70 m.
Weight: 66 kg
Horoscope: Pisces
Eyes are blue
Siblings: Gözde Kocaoğlu

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Family: İsmail Kocaoğlu, nicknamed the prime minister, whose father was Göztepe’s cheerleader for years. He has a sister. Like his father, his biggest passion is Göztepe. His family has a great influence on the formation of his character. “My father and mother are democratic people. They have instilled in us to be just and merciful. ”

Years of childhood: In his childhood years, a thousand people from the neighborhood would go to watch Göztepe’s game on foot. “My father went through Göztepe’s great adventure in Europe and watched a match on the electric poles that illuminated the stadiums. The team’s indispensable cheerleader. Already three or four films emerge from his story. He is also a good organizer. He knows very well how to make a football team popular. He made it his job. For example, he used to travel from high school to high school, invite young people to the game and introduce them to football players. It was impossible not to be around him and not be from Göztepe. ”

Education life: He graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Acting Department.

First step into acting: He started his television adventure with the “New Life” (Yeni Hayat) series.

With which project did it shine? He drew attention with the character “Temmuz”, which he portrayed in the “Ezel” series.

Personality traits: Emotional, all his emotions reflect on his face, he cries very easily. “I am generally a shy and introverted person. What I’m trying to protect is my compassion and my conscience. I try to act conscientiously without putting any ideology or politics before this. ”

Social: Does not like to sit and is constantly on the move. “I have keywords, one of them is movement. I think that all happiness and vital health is hidden in movement. Nothing that moves does not live, this is the philosophy I believe in. When I want to rest, I go to places where nobody else is and read a book. At the same time, going to places such as Sultanahmet and Eminönü and walking around and looking at the water relaxes me. ”

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Mindset: He had anxiety about the future in his 20s, but he thinks everything is better after 30s. “One day, Nejat İşler saw me calm and said” Calm down, everything will be better after 30 “It was really like this both in life and in professional life.”

What kind of person is he on set? He opposes the fact that the TV series are only acted to make money. “If you run the show just for money, you’ll go crazy. If the crew is good and I love the story, I love being on set. ”

First motion picture: Çağan Irmak / Bana Şans Dile

View of life: He does not live with a sense of duty in life, he only tries to be a good person and do his job well. “If everyone did this, it seems to me that the world will turn more easily. I always listen to my inner voice so I am interested in what my decisions have taught me, even if it has bad consequences.

His view of business life: He sees his profession as a story bearer and narrator. He thinks that storytelling is a big mission and societies can move forward with stories. “I love telling stories of hope and peace. Even if I tell a war story, I will tell that war is over. I love to work. Working frees you. Apart from working, I also have fun. After a while, we can get bored and tired, but after three months, we say ‘let’s work even though it’s set’. I do not separate the television and cinema very much. In some cases, if you are not on TV, you cannot find a role in the cinema. I think the actor should also live like an urban guerilla. The person who appears and acts when necessary must have an understanding that would be a series, a theater play, a movie, then disappear. And it should also be independent. Me too that. I go to a set and learn something, go to a theater and learn something else, I keep collecting like this. ”

Career plan: He thinks that what is called a career on TV is more about making good choices than about playing well. “My intuition comes into play first in my choices. Instead of saying “Does one role look like another?” Or “I play and hold it”, I look at the whole picture and how much difference there is in the whole. The script is very important. Very good things can happen in our dramatic writing, but there is no continuity and abundance. We are very advanced in the actor, the director, behind the camera, we have very good scriptwriters, but few. We are faced with a few good scenarios and when I catch one of them, I prefer not to get caught in the small details and to be in that production. This is a conscious choice, but of course this is a team game. Theater is a breathing space for me where I feel good and responsible. It is not right for me to separate any areas related to the way he plays. Whether it’s television, cinema or theater, it’s the right narration of the essential story in every field. ”

Future Dream: The purpose of my life is theater! Contributing to the country’s theater is among his future dreams. When he gets older, he wants to be one of the people who have contributed a lot to the theater of this country, influenced the people who came after him, and gave the theatrical shoots. “Even if there is a person who is influenced by me and takes over the flag and continues to tell stories, I can imagine that I live a successful life for my own story.”

Concerns: He would want to end the polarization, war and migration in the world. He also finds the violence against women alarming. “It is women that give birth and continue life. So everyone be smart! Without women, we can neither be alive nor go on. We need very fast normalization. We don’t have to wait for disasters to see that we can live together. We must approach those who do not think like us with compassion, conscience and respect. When we achieve this, our country will be a more livable place. ”
Who does he admire? Genco Erkal, Ferhan Şensoy, Tuncel Kurtiz and Çetin Tekindor. “Their traces are very important. Lots of people like me have learned by seeing and watching them.

What is it inspired by? Being on the street, in life.

The TV series he followed? Peaky Blinders, Dark and Californication.

What does it spend money on? His relationship with money is not very good. “Money comes and I spend. Part of me says be restrained or you will distribute it. But still, it cannot be said that I am very successful in money. ”


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2015 – Theater Critics Association (TEB) Awards / Actor of the Year / Ormanlardan Hemen Önceki Gece

2001 – Şule Büyülü Fener Film Festival / Best Actor / Bana Şans Dile