Who is Selahattin Paşalı? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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23 March 2023 04:24


Who is Selahattin Paşalı? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Selahattin Paşalı was born on February 2, 1990 in Bodrum, Muğla. He is a Turkish TV series and theater actor.

Name: Selahattin Paşalı
Date of Birth: February 02, 1990
Place of Birth: Muğla
Length: 1.85 m.
Weight: 76 kilos
Zodiac: Aquarius
Eye Color: Green
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/selahattinpasali

Family: He has an older brother five years older than him. “I guess I was always against the family. I am grateful to my mom and dad because they never compared us to my brother. “Your brother is like this; Yes, he finished the university first, the man is like poison, but we love you as you are. ”They gave me the chance to make my own choices. My brother went abroad early, I grew up far from him. At one point my father had set up sentences that started as “Your brother is like this …”. But never insult etc. It happened. They also offered me all the opportunities they offered him. I’m very lucky about my family. ”

Childhood years: When he was 14, he came from Bodrum to Istanbul for basketball. He played in the infrastructure of Darüşşafaka for 4 years, and then his basketball adventure ended. When he was in search of 18, he won the Department of Business Administration at Bahçeşehir University with a 50 percent scholarship, but he did not go. After completing his brother’s Sabancı University with first place, he received a scholarship of success and opened his vision to go abroad. “As soon as my brother stepped abroad, the only suggestion he found was; “Step out of your area, go abroad and have exciting experiences”. I followed his advice and went to Budapest. ”

Education life: He studied Art Management in Budapest. In 2015, he received acting trainings at Craft Theater, where he was involved.

First step to acting: He stepped into the world of television with the character of ‘Doctor Alp’, which he portrayed in the ‘Heartbeat’ series.

With which project did he shine? he managed to draw attention with his ‘Heartbeat’ series where he had his first acting experience.

Personality traits: Idealist, perfectionist but also comfortable, fun and sincere.

Personal development: He wants to participate in trainings that will improve his acting abroad. “This time I can also go to London or the USA or Poland. If I think of theater based, London is better. I definitely want to meet people from different cultures, races, watch them and learn from them. My discovery, the learning process will never end. ”

Social: He is professionally interested in basketball. At the age of 14, he was transferred to Darüşşafaka Sports Club and served as the basketball team captain throughout the infrastructure. He is also interested in many sports, such as swimming, table tennis and pilates.

Mindset: You are experiencing the consequences of your own choices in life. “When I was 14, I had dreams of basketball. I never thought about corporate life, I can’t do it anyway. I tried to do something over my abilities and find my way like that, and I still continue to do so. During my four years of university education in Budapest, I worked at the art fair and a gallery. I returned to Istanbul by filling my pocket well in terms of information and vision. ”

Happiness: His nephews

Definition of love: He thinks love has no clear definition. Some scientists consider it to be related to chemical reactions in the Frontal lobe and Thalamus in the brain. On the other hand, literary writers turned to feelings and metrics; They wrote poems and stories. From a psychological point of view, Freud defines it as “rebuilding a phase of being before the space created by separation from the mother”. Based on what I read, I try to find the definition of love with my experiences in life. Sometimes I think it’s confused with libido, for example, I never believe that love is eternal. Sometimes I think love is a narcissistic thing. The state of being in love with you, that is, in love with yourself. For some reason, love means scary, equals pain. Like, “If you can reunite, you will be busy, if you cannot, there will be love.” When a person achieves something, I think the value of what is achieved decreases. If passion dies, everything dies. By this time, it was safer for me to act with logic. ”

His outlook on life: ‘Popcorn’ does not want to be someone, so he tries to fill himself with art and psychology. “Discovering what and how the painters and thinkers started, adds vision to you.

Your eye is developing; It affects a lot of things, from clothing to the way you interpret the restaurant you go to eat. Your borders are expanding, you see everything more dimensionally. It seemed that they combined business and art in the section I read. There was not such a great art history education. Therefore, I cannot say that I am a piri. But when I read art, I can easily say that the environment has changed. You are with people who think and question. From religion to philosophy, from art to mathematics; When you get something from all their opinions on many topics, this time you start thinking and questioning. I think you think you are finding your way.

Business perspective: He wants to take part in challenging roles. “I always played gay in secret craft that Turkey still known by geography more difficult to play because it just” Ayola “labeled with the words, cartoonish stereotypes created. Obviously I want to play transsexual. I can say that it is my dream to revive them because we cannot see the red line areas in popular culture. ”

Career plan: The most prestigious award of the theater, which ‘Afife Jale receive the award at an awards ceremony and to represent Turkey abroad.

Dream of the Future : To be a respected artist of what he has produced over the years.

Concerns: “The most obvious mental health problem of my generation is“ future anxiety ”. When I think about where life takes me, when I try to plan life or try to control it, anxiety is gnawing at me. Who am I already trying to control life is a separate question. We are in a tremendous speed and I’m trying to slow down. I remind myself of the words I like very much, which are allegedly owned by Can Yücel, even controversial. “It is three days that you call life. Yesterday came and passed, tomorrow is unknown. So life is a day you call it, and it is today ”. I mean, I try to live with the focus on “today”. Wherever life took me when I gave my last breath, it is my acceptance. ”

Which movie was he affected? Made in Poland, Ida directed by Pawel Pawlikowski. “Describes the transformation of a young nun wondering outside and exploring. It was a black and white movie, I was very impressed. I also admired Can Candan’s My Child. ”

The theater play he was most impressed with: Swallowing.

In which theater play would he like to be on stage? Yutmak.

Your favorite song / musician lately: Evgeny Grinko – Valse.

City of dreams: Barcelona. “Good weather, he attracts me a lot. Also, Budapest is a gray city. That’s why I love cities that I don’t have to turn on at 11-12 during the day. ”

Your favorite city: Istanbul. Istanbul, even though I swore in time that I will not come back. This city has a different energy. So is San Francisco. ”

Bedside book: Stefano D’Anna – School of Gods and Mevlana – Mesnevi.


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