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19 May 2022 21:02


Who is the favorite character of the series for the young cast of Camdaki Kız series?

The young cast of Kanal D’s OGM Pictures’ record-breaking TV series Camdaki Kız made the cover of Instyle Magazine’s January issue.

Burcu Biricik, Enis Arıkan, Selma Ergeç, Tuğrul Tülek and Feyyaz Şerifoğlu came together at a farm in Beykoz and shot in nature for the magazine. In the magazine, the Koroğlu family characters in the series were mentioned with the words “the most interesting family on TV”.

The great harmony achieved by Camdaki Kız team on the set is also remarkable. This beautiful harmony is often reflected in the Instagram posts that the actors make between shooting breaks.

Enis Arıkan, who portrayed the character of “Muzo” in the series, made the magazine laugh with the words “Everyone in the team is hardworking, I am the only trouble”.

Burcu Biricik said, “We are one of the best examples of solidarity, communication and acting together.” Feyyaz Şerifoğlu said, “We are a team that is in constant communication with each other outside the set and experiences our joy, sadness and anxiety all together.”

Selma Ergeç summed up the secret of success with the words “We really listen to each other, not just for word”. The favorite character of the team was Feride, played by the master actress Nur Sürer in the series.

Tuğrul Tülek explained, “You never know what to do and you always watch his scenes on the edge of the sofa”.

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