Who is the most eating name and impromptu queen of Yasak Elma set?
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30 September 2022 09:26


Who is the most eating name and impromptu queen of Yasak Elma set?

Fox TV’s phenomenon series Yasak Elma continues to leave its mark on the screens with its fifth season.

The series, starring Şevval Sam, Eda Ece, Murat Aygen, Berk Oktay and Biran Damla Yılmaz, often surprises the audience with its intrigues.

Melisa Doğu, who gives life to “Asuman”, the mother of the “Yıldız” character played by Eda Ece in Yasak Elma, and Serkan Rutkay Ayıköz, who plays Yıldız’s best friend “Emir”, are also the most scheming duo of the series.

Melisa Doğu and Serkan Rutkay Ayıköz answered questions from social media on the Onedio social content platform. Saying that they are like a family, Melisa Doğu said, “Serkan is my spiritual brother.”

Melisa Doğu answered the question “Do you improvise?” She replied, “When I forget my line, I don’t get alarmed if there are Eda and Serkan in front of me, there are times when we improvise, but there is an audience that thinks the 5th season is completely improvised, there is no such thing.”

The duo announced that Eda Ece was the best improvising actress on the set and declared the famous actress the ‘Queen of Improvisation’.

While Yasak Elma’s Asuman and Emir chose Eda Ece and Barış Aytaç as the funniest names on the set, the one who ate the most on the set was the baby Kuzey, who gave life to the character of “Halitcan”, the youngest of the series.

You can watch the entire video of Yasak Elma Actors Melisa Doğu and Serkan Rutkay Ayıköz answering questions from social media below.

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