From whom did the phone call that changed the life of Berk Oktay, Çağatay of Yasak Elma?
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2 October 2022 10:25


From whom did the phone call that changed the life of Berk Oktay, Çağatay of Yasak Elma?

Berk Oktay, who participated in Yasak Elma series, which came to the screen with its fifth season on Fox TV, last season with the character of “Çağatay”, is appreciated for his performance.

The actor, who was loved by the loyal audience of Yasak Elma TV series with his character, was the guest of Tonight with İbrahim Selim, broadcast on YouTube.

In the program, Berk Oktay mentioned that he was very overweight as a child, “I played basketball between the ages of 8-18, but because I was overweight, I was always behind in the form of half a world. I lost weight in high school with the attention of some girls. At the age of 13, I weighed 70 kilograms, I ate very sweets, my mother kept the sweets at home,” he drew attention with his statement.

Stating that he started modeling in 1999, the actor said, “I started modeling as a profession, I wanted to model very much, but my goal was not to be famous. I first went to Milan, I did a lot of work there, I went to more than 200 fashion shows, I made a serious career in modeling abroad, and I came back with a sudden decision.

The actor, who studied Geological Engineering, said that while he was thinking about doing his job after returning from abroad, a phone call from the famous producer Türker İnanoğlu changed the course of his life.

The actor first appeared in 2007 with Nehir Erdoğan in the TV series Tatlı Bela Fadime, produced by Türker İnanoğlu and broadcast on Star TV.

The actor, who has been with his colleague Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy for a while, talked about his relationship as follows; “I had a personality that tried to dictate my ideas to the other person, Yıldız taught me over time that we can’t come to an agreement and I’m very happy with her.”

Stating that he is an impatient person, Berk Oktay said, “I don’t like to wait and make you wait, I can’t tolerate people who don’t have work discipline.”

You can watch the entire program Tonight with İbrahim Selim, featuring Berk Oktay, below;

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