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6 July 2022 10:28


Why did the love of Ceylin and Ilgaz burn us in Yargı?

Yargı series, written by Sema Ergenekon, which was broadcast on Kanal D screens, manages to lock the audience on the screen every Sunday.

Kaan Urgancıoğlu’s ‘Prosecutor Ilgaz’ and Pınar Deniz’s ‘Lawyer Ceylin’ appear before the audience as the love that sprouts between the two characters enchants the audience.

Journalist Ayşe Özyılmaze also wrote in her article for the website; It tasted love. “Because love is to wonder like crazy, to be willing to upset your order, to be hungry for even the smallest information about it. Saying, “To surrender to desire,” Özyılmazel sought an answer to the question, “Apart from the detective side of the series and other stories, why do we melt in the face of the unreserved love of Lawyer Ceylin (Pınar Deniz) and Prosecutor Ilgaz (Kaan Urgancıoğlu)?”

Here is the reason for the success of the series “Yargı” with Özyılmaz’s analysis; “Once upon a time, Ilgaz Prosecutor is the ideal man out of a hundred women, who will fall head over heels in love with him, who fits all dreams. Let the applause go to the screenwriter Sema Ergenekon and the director Ali Bilgin, who made her visuals go up. Bravo, Mr. Ergenekon, Mr. Bilgin, you made us smoke from where you are sitting.

My prosecutor is very handsome, my prosecutor is confident, my prosecutor’s job is justice, my prosecutor has rules, he has walls. It’s not that watery, it doesn’t move its eyebrows. Look, this is a very important issue in the world of women.

My prosecutor is reliable, devoted to his family. My prosecutor is cold. huh! Now, Nilgün Belgün’s ¨A man who smiles a lot and is overly social is not be a husband. The saying ‘The best husbands are sullen men’ has come to pass. He made a very good statement with his years of experience.

Summary! My prosecutor is an ideal lover with his character who will love if he loves. Because he separates the woman he loves from other women. You know, women’s love of “I did what no woman could do” does not end even after years.

At this point, my prosecutor makes the women on the screen ecstatic. He destroys the walls that cannot be destroyed, the rules that he sticks with glue for a woman. She burns, burns, cannot go out. It’s burning, it’s burning, throwing its ashes into it. Ahh! Of course, we are melting when we see this, my dear.

Our woman is Lawyer Ceylin. Our feelings towards Ceylin are mixed. She is a beautiful young woman who is ambitious, picky, stubborn, self-created, extremely intelligent, taking on the responsibility of her family. But it’s been pissing us off lately. In other words, “You can’t be so spoiled,” he pulls himself with the ball. It will happen dear, it will happen. It has happened.

Here, too, our screenwriter did not spare his pen, like lions, and played for men. The situation is no different for men, just as we women have trouble desiring the so-called “good, master” men who say “OK” to everything, who have laid their cards on the table from the first day, and whom we can have all the information about from the first day. The unpredictable states of Ceylin are like a knife waiting to be pulled and stuck at any moment. Very sexy! Bad! Let’s go!

Because, as I said above, the ‘desire’ system is lame and does not work in a planned manner. It wants two different ends, its existence is torment, its absence is a dry feeling; desire. Deprivation, the chain of events that does not bring, wants to die from the hunger of touch. There’s plenty of that in the show, too. Their love, which is pregnant with events 24/7, ignites as it ignites. This is exactly why Prosecutor Ilgaz (when was the last time someone went crazy to kiss you?)

Attorney Ceylin confesses, “I exist if you exist, I am not afraid if you are not afraid because I cannot go anywhere”, while we are going crazy with the longing for that love we could not live.

We do not love, we do not fall in love; We just consume. And with ‘Yargı’ we are judging the individualistic, desireless, passionless, selfish place we have come to.”

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