Will Love Is In The Air continue?
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30 September 2022 09:39


Will Love Is In The Air continue?

The series Love Is In The Air, which met with the audience last July, still has a huge fan base on the screen … The chemistry of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin keeps the chemistry of the duo, their very good harmony and the fact that the story continues to attract attention, keeps the series alive …

The Warriors series is ready and 4 episodes are waiting for broadcast. The drama crew is also shooting new episodes at an intense pace. In other words, the news from Eskişehir tells that The Warriors is ready for the broadcast. However, Fox TV cannot start this ambitious series. Because he has a drama for 7 days and 7 of them are doing well. As such, the lowest performance series, Love Is In The Air, was expected to make the final. However, this did not happen.

There are even those who say that the series will continue for a while, until the 50th episode. The latest information about the series is that it has been decided to continue in the summer.

Sina Kologlu, one of the writers of Milliyet Cadde, conveyed the information he gained on this subject as follows: “The ongoing example of the romantic comedy event” Love Is In The Air”will most likely continue in the summer months, the information that comes to my ears …”

Apparently, this season, Fox TV’s summer series will be Love Is In The Air… This decision has not been clearly announced. However, the information coming in the last weeks and the decisive support for the series were actually important signs. Love Is In The Air fans will be able to watch their series on the screen for a while.

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