Separation has never been so sad in the Maraşlı!
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30 September 2022 08:48


Separation has never been so sad in the Maraşlı!

Maraşlı, one of the popular TV series on Monday evenings, is a production that takes firm steps on its way… Maraşlı, who was the surprise of Atv this season, shows how successful a series couple Alina Boz and Burak Deniz are.

You will see the reflections of the inability of the characters of Celal and Mahur to take a step towards love in the 12th episode, which will be released on Monday, March 29th. Mahur does not know why she cannot find the answer she wants for her love, and she is experiencing deep feelings and disappointments.

Maraşlı said, “When I love someone, everyone becomes an enemy to him. Will he be able to tell me why this love is so difficult by saying “it is forbidden to love me”? In the 12th episode of the series, the painting reflecting Zeliş’s desire to be a family will further confuse the feelings of Maraşlı.

Her daughter Zeliş is everything for Maraşlı… It is also under Zeliş that Mahur can respond to her love… If even a small improvement is seen in the character of Zeliş thanks to Mahur, this will be one of the most important reasons for Maraşlı to afford love. Do not be surprised if you see a change in the character of Zeliş in the following chapters.

The separation, which burns Maraşlı and Mahur, also saddens the audience. In the first trailer released from the 12th new episode of the series, viewers will see the burning effect of love. Separation has never hurt both Mahur and Maraşlı. You can find the trailer of the 12th episode of Maraşlı, which the TV series fans are eagerly waiting for:

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