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3 July 2022 11:25


Will Star TV cancel the Ada Masalı and Kazara Aşk series?

On the Star TV screen, we witnessed the finale of 9 series last season. Ambitious projects that started one after another, unfortunately, did not last long. Apart from the fact that the Sefirin Kızı series ended as planned with the 52nd episode, “Menajerimi Ara” lasted for 45 episodes.

The other 7 serials made the fans sad every time because of the early finals… The situation does not look bright for the Ada Masalı and Kazara Aşk series, which Star TV broadcasts for the summer period. With the arrival of September, the series preparations of the channels increased. Many productions will meet with the audience for the new season, and this shows that it is time for a decision for the productions that started in the summer period.

Ada Masalı, starring Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alp Navruz, was liked by many viewers. Ada Masalı, which presents beautiful images on the screen for the summer period, is also experiencing a troubled period due to its falling ratings. It has been understood that the possibility of recovery of the series is very difficult, with the ratings that have been below the average for weeks. So what will Star TV do?

The chances of projects starting in the summer months in the winter are very low. A very difficult period will begin for Ada Masalı after September. The days when Star TV will be stuck between continuing the series and ending it are very near.

The same is the case with another romantic comedy production, Kazara Aşk. The series, whose ratings are even lower than Island Masalı, has an entertaining story. There is not a good look for the series starring Ümit Kantarcılar and Sude Zülal Güler…

The audience of the series likes and supports the story. However, the low ratings will cause great trouble in September, when the new series will be broadcast.

Star TV has to make an important decision as the winter season series begins. Will Ada Masalı and Kazara Aşk TV series be supported, or will the final decisions be made?

We will witness that this question will be asked more and more in September.

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