With Deniz Çakır's words, it gave an address for those who are looking for a strong women's series!
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30 November 2022 04:47


With Deniz Çakır’s words, it gave an address for those who are looking for a strong women’s series!

Famous actress Deniz Çakır has been on the agenda lately with the digital TV show Aslında Özgürsün (Actually You’re Free). The actress made a very special comeback with the project, which focuses on the impact of two women on each other and the dead ends of their lives.

Actually, the TV series Aslında Özgürsün met with the audience on the Gain platform, but there are still many people who do not watch or are not aware of it. There is a large audience that wants more women’s stories in the series, and Deniz Çakır refers to the TV series Aslında Özgürsün as a reference address for this audience.

Reflecting the life story of two women named Belgin and Berna, the series was adapted from the book of the same name by Duygu Asena.

The series, in which important names such as Bade İşil, Alican Yücesoy, Berk Cankat, Burak Yamantürk, Saygın Soysal, Perihan Savaş, Nükhet Duru and Zuhal Olcay took part, was also an important project for Deniz Çakır.

The famous actress draws attention to the fact that there are many things for women in the TV series Aslında Özgürsün, and invites the audience to the show with the following words:

“The series is actually the transformations, changes, healing of two childhood friends in this adventure…. How one always seems to be a mother to her, how the other affects her without touching her, and the events that develop around her. There are lives that are visible but some do not want to see. Like women who are subjected to violence, LGBT who are subjected to violence and cannot find a job. The life story of two women, in which the subjects that appear here but some choose not to see are also covered. In fact, the flow of natural life.”

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