Woman tv series crying every inch on TV

Woman tv series crying every inch on TV


Ceyda cried every inch on TV

We watched a terrific acting in the Women’s series on Fox TV in Turkey.

Ceyda character has blown up for a month of her son, whom she has not seen for 6 years, with the decision to send her to her.

Ceyda, who was eager to see your child, signed the pavilion bills and made a room for her son and bought a lot of toys. So glad that Bahar, the children, everyone tried to be her partner in this affection.

But when her mother and sister gave up giving the child, Ceyda lived in it for years, but she could not tell anyone. In that scene, the tears almost flooded. Ceyda, who weeps at the screen at the beginning of the screen, almost turned out for the first time on the shoulder of Bahar.

This scene attracted even more attention with the successful play of Gökçe Eyüboğlu.

There was a moment that the viewers could not forget for a long time.

There were praiseworthy comments on the play of Gökçe Eyüboğlu in the social media.