Series News Channel D took great risk of Mehmed The Conqueror tv series

Channel D took great risk of Mehmed The Conqueror tv series


Television Newspaper, Levent Aktaş writes:

Turkey season is about to end the series, but Mehmed The Conqueror series is still no obvious reason?

It was pulled first, but when it was not liked, the first episodes were thrown away.

The TV world has been waiting for this series for months.

Afterwards, the teams were changed, the shootings resumed.

The series also attracts attention with its strong cast.

In addition to Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Çetin Tekindor and Gürkan Uygun show the history of the organization.

Kanal D was undecided about what day would bring Mehmed the Conqueror sequence to the screen.

The latest information is coming up on Tuesday, March 13, the first episode. However, Kanal D ‘s website still has a’ Soon ‘announcement and the day is not specified. In this case, he’s confused.

They’re really impressive.

Costumes, places and shots are dazzling.

However, if you put the giant budget historical date at the moment, sheep can not meet the expectation of high rating against the knees since the beginning of the season!

Channel D, I think it would be a risk if such an ambitious and giant budget knee put it in the bow now!

It would be a better decision to leave the Fatih lineup for the new season in September.