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26 May 2022 09:02


Yargı, Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, Mahkum ve Hakim! Repetitions are being added to the legal series!

Sometimes hospital-doctor-themed, sometimes detective or different types of TV series are on the screen. Along with the success of a series, other channels also broadcast TV series with similar themes. This season, we are entering a period where the series, which started with the Judgment series, and where the court-law-courthouse wars dominate, will begin to dominate the screen!

Along with the popular TV series of Kanal D, Yargı, new legal series, in which cases will be resolved, interesting stories and gripping events are centered, have begun to come one after another! After the success of the Yargı, the days began to be counted for the broadcast of ATV’s legal series, Hakim.

The series, starring Erdal Beşikçioğlu and Ebru Özkan, continues. Adapted from the popular TV series Your Honor in the USA, Hakim also stars Burak Dakak and İlayda Alişan, who are successful names of the young generation.

Erkan Tunç is the director of Hakim, signed by Limon Production. It is about the son of a judge who has been working to ensure justice for years, his efforts to save him after he is involved in a crime, and his failure to tell his conscience about it. The broadcast date of the series has not been clarified yet, but the promotions are returning.

Meanwhile, in Fox TV’s successful TV series Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, we watch Gökçe Bahadır, Sumru Yavrucuk and Gökçe Eyüboğlu as lawyers. The series is based on the US production The Split. The series, which also has a special content on behalf of the women’s struggle, is one of the successful productions of the screen with the theme of law.

Another popular TV series of Fox TV, Mahkum, also deals with subjects such as court and prison, and is a law series. İsmail Hacıoğlu and Onur Tuna give a successful performance in Mahkum, adapted from the South Korean TV series Innocent Defendant.

After the Yargı, Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, Mahkum and Hakim, a domestic adaptation of a US TV series is on the agenda this time. According to the information given by journalist Birsen Altuntaş on social media, the new series, which Limon Yapım will shoot, will be an adaptation of The Night Of, which was broadcast on HBO in 2016.

The Night Of, a law series that mainly takes place in the courtroom, attracted a lot of attention and was the subject of much discussion when it was broadcast. The series, starring John Turturro, one of Hollywood’s most successful character actors, and Riz Ahmet, a Pakistani-born actor, was an eight-episode mini-series that delved into an imaginary murder case with a complex story in New York.

In the series, the investigation and lawsuit process of a Pakistani citizen named Nasir Khan (Riz Ahmed), who was accused of killing a girl, was handled. In addition, attention was drawn to issues such as prejudice and racism towards Asians.

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