Yasak Elma has lost its crown to another series!
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29 March 2023 09:14


Yasak Elma has lost its crown to another series!

Yasak Elma series, broadcast on Fox TV screens, has been broadcasting for 5 seasons. The series continues to gather the viewers on the screen every week with new names and different events every season. Each new episode offers new sensations, intrigues, and fascinating stories to the audience.

The ratings of the series, starring Eda Ece, Şevval Sam and Berk Oktay, make the channel happy in the new season. Yasak Elma, who gave a tough test on Monday evenings against Çukur and Alparslan TV series, still continued to sit in the first place almost every week.

But lately, he is losing his throne in the face of TRT1’s Alparslan series, starring Barış Arduç! Especially in the evenings when Survivor All Star, which is broadcast on TV8, is broadcast, it is even more difficult for the series. Alparslan and Survivor are the two productions that push the Yasak Elma again on Monday evenings.

The Alparslan series, whose 13th episode was broadcast this week, was the winner on Monday, February 14, while the Survivor All Star 2022 program was in the second place in all categories.

The Yasak Elma series continues on its way as a constantly changing, renewed and absurd comedy series. But this week, it was only able to rank 3rd in the ratings, falling behind two productions. It is predicted that the Yasak Elma series will continue in the 6th season. Although the series lost the first place and dropped to the 3rd place this week, leaving the 2nd place, this is the Yasak Elma, the situation can change at any moment!

The maneuvers of the series with twisted corners, different stories, shocking intrigues will certainly continue! The bone audience of Yasak Elma has no intention of quitting the series! Even though it doesn’t come first every week, Yasak Elma is following a successful line in its 5th season.

Kalp Yarası, one of the two dramas on Monday evenings, will make the finals anyway and its ratings are not enough to enter the top 10. Üç Kuruş series, on the other hand, is not a compelling competitor for Yasak Elma, although it receives above-average ratings.

The series continues on its way very successfully and as a result of good ratings, it finished the day in third place in all audience groups.

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