The pleasing developments from the Kadın series continue! These are achievements that deserve applause!
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25 March 2023 00:49


The pleasing developments from the Kadın series continue! These are achievements that deserve applause!

Kadın series, which was screened on Fox TV, attracted a large audience during its broadcast and became a production watched by millions of people every week. Starring Özge Özpirinçci, Caner Cindoruk, Feyyaz Şerif and Bennu Yıldırımlar, the series still remains fresh in the memory of the audience.

The series started in October 2017 and made its finale in February 2020. Özge Özpirinçci experienced another special period in her professional life with the series Kadın. In the screen dominated by male-dominated serials, Özpirinçci performed so successfully as the lead role of a woman’s story that the audience once again embraced her.

Özge Özpirinçci is currently taking care of her daughter Mercan and lives a life away from the sets. However, the effect of the series “Kadın” continues in different countries of the world. The news about the series makes everyone proud.

The Kadın series, which is the production in which Feyyaz Duman also took part in the role of Arif on the screen, had an important breakthrough in his career, and also the great acting of the master actors Şerif Erol and Bennu Yıldırımlar. The series, which carried Seray Kaya to another place in her profession with her role as Şirin, brought Gökçe Eyüboğlu to receive many offers from other TV series after the character of Ceyda.

The series was broadcast in Spain last year and gained great attention from the audience. The prime time broadcast of the series, which was screened on the Antena 3 channel of Atresmedia TV Group, one of the largest media organizations in Spain, was another success. Having the title of being the first Turkish series broadcast on open channel, the TV series “Kadın” received so many ratings that it also achieved the title of “most watched TV series”.

In 2022, the Kadın series began to be broadcast in Argentina. Another important development was that the series, which was recorded as the first Turkish series broadcast on Prime Time on Western European national channels, was broadcast on Prime Time on Telefe channel belonging to ViacomCBS group in Argentina.

The series, which was sold abroad by Calinos Entertainment and had great success in Argentina after Spain, became the leader of the Monday night. Then it was learned that the TV series “Kadın” will be screened on one of the national channels of the M6 ​​Group in France this year.

In addition to the worldwide rating victories of the series, broadcasting in 70 countries around the world is a great source of pride for a Turkish series.

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