Yasak Elma TV series team celebrated their first place success!
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26 November 2022 17:51


Yasak Elma TV series team celebrated their first place success!

On Monday evenings, the first prizes of Yasak Elma series began to be talked about. The series in the fifth season continues on its way with firm steps. It seems as an important success that the series won the first place in all categories, leaving behind its rival named Kalp Yarası.

Despite the fact that the story has changed and some of the actors have changed, the fact that Yasak Elma still attracts great attention from the audience is considered an important success.

Yasak Elma team met at dinner together. This opportunity offered to the team by the owner of Medyapım, Fatih Aksoy, made it possible for everyone to celebrate success together. Şevval Sam stated that they wanted to get together for fun for a long time and Fatih Aksoy offered this opportunity to them.

Eda Ece, who gave life to the character of Yıldız in the series, said, “We celebrated with our technical team today. We couldn’t celebrate a lot of things, it was an occasion tonight. Celebrating success is also important, to continue on this path. We are a team that celebrates its achievements and is proud of them.”

Şevval Sam, who gave life to the character of Ender, mentioned that they have accumulated many memories as a whole team. Stating that a journey of 5 seasons is a long period of time, Şevval Sam said, “The 117. We’re shooting the episode. It has been the longest project of my life. Continuing for 5 seasons with such a nice team is not easy and saved a lot of memories. We are together with these people more than at home, we have become a family. Yasak Elma has become a phenomenon within ourselves and on television.”

Şevval Sam also wished to continue with the same success until the end of the season. Apart from Şevval Sam and Eda Ece; Melisa Doğu, Serkan Rukay Ayıköz, Caner Çelebi and Murat Aygen were among the names in the dinner.

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