Black day ending with death on the set of TRT1's Seksenler!
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1 December 2022 12:58


Black day ending with death on the set of TRT1’s Seksenler!

The series Seksenler, which started to meet with the audience again on the TRT1 screen, is broadcast in the afternoon and continues for more than 2 hours… The team of the series also experiences the intensity of meeting the audience every weekday…

It was the last day of his life with Kemal Kuruçay, who portrayed the character of Seyfi, that the series team of Seksenler met for another shooting day. Kemal Kuruçay, who made great efforts in Turkish theater and took part in many productions in the cinema and TV series sector, succumbed to his heart at the age of 59. It was revealed that the actor, who went to the camera in the morning for the shootings of Seksenler series, fell ill in the evening and had a heart attack on the set.

Kemal Kuruçay lost his life despite all the interventions. The sudden death of the actor, who was born in Ankara in 1962, shook everyone deeply.

The team was already in deep mourning due to the death of Rasim Öztekin, who played the character of Fehmi, in March. Now that grief has doubled.

In Seksenler series, everyone is confused, everyone is sad, and everyone is depressed because of what happened.

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