Artists News The famous actor of Seksenler series was battered, there were nightmare moments!

The famous actor of Seksenler series was battered, there were nightmare moments!

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Ceyhun Fersoy, who played the character of Şahin in the series Seksenler, was born in Istanbul in 1982. The actor, who still continues to take part in the series Seksenler, which he started in 2012, is also on the stage with a theater play.

The series Seksenler continues to meet with the audience on TRT1 on weekday afternoons. Ceyhun Fersoy also plays an important role in the successful performance of the series. Begüm Öner also plays the character of Elvan in the series and the famous couple has been on the same set for years.

Ceyhun Fersoy and Begüm Öner got married in 2015. The couple draws attention with their exemplary attitudes. The duo, who came to the agenda due to a fight in a nightclub, is extremely uncomfortable to be involved in such an issue.

The couple had a very bad time when Ceyhun Fersoy was beaten while trying to leave during a fight in the venue.

Ceyhun Fersoy stated that they have been in the market for years and have not come to the fore with any event until now, and said:

“For once, a lie, a false news, a fight, a noise… I have to set an example like this all the time. So is my wife. Because that’s our family education. We would never do any blasphemy or disrespect to anyone.”

Begüm Öner stated that they could not go out during a fight that had nothing to do with them, and told what happened:

“As a result of a fight in the venue, we could not go out. Since we couldn’t get out, the incident spread over us. We had terrible, disgusting moments that we will never want to remember. God forbid anyone. This is the first time in my life that I have experienced such a thing. Seeing Ceyhun like that and not being able to get out of there, that beating continues… We thought we wouldn’t be able to get out, we were living the last day of our lives.”

Ceyhun Fersoy explained that they were right, but they preferred to remain silent so as not to escalate the incident.

Begüm Öner stated that the matter has been referred to the judiciary and that everything will be revealed from the images.

Ceyhun Fersoy shared the following details about the incident on his social media account:

“As my lawyer stated in his petition, the incident occurred on a side that was not related to us, and then we were not allowed to leave the venue.

Thereupon, in response to my wife Begüm being pushed, they jumped at us and hurled fists at us, saying, “Who are you complaining about,” after I said, “We have no security of life here, there are women, I will complain about you,” to stop the events.

Me, my wife and other female friends fell to the ground due to punches and kicking and punching continued on the ground.

It is evident in the images that my wife, me and our friends were openly battered. My lawyer Bülent Ernas submitted the necessary documents and statements. The matter has been referred to the judiciary and after this time, the word is in the judiciary.”