You will be very surprised! Look who is the actor who played the youth of Çelebi in the Kulüp series!
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27 March 2023 21:25


You will be very surprised! Look who is the actor who played the youth of Çelebi in the Kulüp series!

The second part of the four-part series Kulüp, which created a new agenda in Turkey with its first part consisting of six episodes, was also very popular. One of the most important characters of the series was the character of Çelebi, played by Fırat Tanış. Those who saw the youth of the character of Çelebi in the second part of the series were very surprised. Because the actor who played it was familiar from somewhere.

The first part of the Kulüp series, starring Gökçe Bahadır, Salih Bademci, Fırat Tanış, Barış Arduç, Metin Akdülger and Asude Kalebek, consisted of six episodes. In the first part, she talked about Matilda’s struggle to be a mother to her daughter Raşel, whom she found years later, and the suffering of minorities in the 1950s.

Çelebi, whom we watched as a bad and treacherous character in the first part of the series, impressed the audience with his compassion in the second part. Çelebi, formerly Aziz, was actually a character from Matilda’s past. Aziz’s face, which we could not see very clearly in the first part, was seen more clearly in the second part of the series.

The audience, who saw Aziz’s youth, could not believe their eyes. Because the actor who played Aziz was Onur Durmaz, who played Engin, the murderer of the series Yargı. The talented actor, who made a big break with her performance in the Yargı series, played a small role in the Kulüp before this series.

The 30-year-old talented actor made his biggest debut with the TV series Yargı broadcast on Kanal D. The young actor attracted attention by successfully portraying Engin Tilmen’s transformation from a crushed and pushed character into an angry killer in the series.

Onur Durmaz acted in the films Üç Harflilerin Musallat Olduğu Büyülü Konakta Ruh Çağıran Gençlerin Hazin Hikayesi and Niyazi Gül Dörtnala, apart from the Kulüp and the Yargı.

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