Artists News You won’t be able to recognize Alperen Duymaz in his new role after Son Yaz!

You won’t be able to recognize Alperen Duymaz in his new role after Son Yaz!

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Son Yaz series is still a wound in the hearts of many series fans… Son Yaz, which successfully passed the first season on Fox TV, only stayed on the screen for 5 episodes in the second season. Despite the renewed story of the series and its stronger cast with effective actors, its ratings were low.

The fact that Fox TV finished the story quickly without giving time also affected Son Yaz fans very badly. Alperen Duymaz, who is very akin to the Akgün character, found his new project immediately after Son Yaz.

The famous actor plays the leading role in the serial named Erkek Severse, which continues to be shot for the Bein Connect platform. The actor is currently taking part in the shootings in Abant with his teammates.

The series is a romantic comedy story. In fact, the author of the story, Aslı Zengin, is known as the author of the most influential romantic comedy series to date.

The new character of Alperen Duymaz, who plays the lead role with Büşra Develi and Yasemin Allen, will also surprise his fans.

You will be surprised how different an identity Alperen Duymaz is from Akgün’s character with his romantic scenes. The information from the shooting points out that the new role of the actor will be loved by the fans.

Tolga Güleç, Görkem Sevindik, Yağız Can Konyalı and Aslı Sümen are other names in the series. It is not yet clear when the series will start on the bein Connect platform, but it should not be surprising if there is good news soon.