Series News Zerrin Tekindor came like a storm in the A Miracle, everything changed!

Zerrin Tekindor came like a storm in the A Miracle, everything changed!

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A Miracle, one of the popular TV series of Thursday evenings, successfully continues on its way with its second season. The audience was disturbed by this situation when the names of the drama scenes increased. It was surprising that Seda Bakan, who played the character of Ferda last month, left the series suddenly.

In the previous episode, Korhan Herduran was the beloved actress of the series, this time left. The actor who took part in the series with the character of Güneş and found the most sympathetic went. There is a new good news for the fans of the series, whose morale is upset with these two separations. A name like a bomb joined the cast of the series.

They will watch the TV series A Miracle on Thursday, January 21, and they will be very surprised to see Zerrin Tekindor. The mother of the character Ezo, played by the master actor Ezgi Asaroğlu, will take her place on the screen as Vuslat. The arrival of this new character, which will add a new atmosphere and power to the A Miracle series, will change many things in the story.

Things are not going well in the Berhayat hospital. There is a big financial problem. Vuslat lady is also a powerful and rich woman. She will make an offer to Beliz, played by Hazal Türesan, to get 51 percent of the hospital.

This proposal, which shocked Beliz, means that the entire administration will pass to Vuslat. It is also very curious how the relationship between Ali Vefa and Vuslat will be. The second trailer of the 46th new episode where the stones will play out in the A Miracle series has been released. Vuslat character also appeared for the first time. Here are those images: