Zeynep Elçin and Bülent Çolak met in the new series
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4 December 2022 05:11


Zeynep Elçin and Bülent Çolak met in the new series

New series is coming! Zeynep Elçin, who played in the Love and Secrets series that started on the summer screen last season, was not among the leading roles. However, the actress had won the hearts of her fans with a performance that played a role in the leading roles with her character.

The actress who has been on the screen since 2014 was written in mind with the character of Yıldız in the Warrior series. Zeynep Elçin, who made a new series surprise for her fans for 2020, plays the leading role in the series titled Milk and Cookies. Another leading title of the series is Bülent Çolak…

Bülent Çolak, who has appeared in many cinema films in the 2000s and was engraved with the series he played in, is also the leading role in the series called Milk and Cookies. The actor was written in mind with the character Ulvi in ​​the Extended Family series. Bülent Çolak played the characters Sherlock Holmes and Aleksandr Pushkin in the last series Tutunamayanlar.

Milk and Cookies, the new comedy series signed by Zeynep Elçin and Bülent Çolak, counts days to meet the audience.

Mustafa Arslan is one of the leading names of the series, which tells the story of the couple staying at home with a humorous language with the arrival of his pandemic ex-lover…

Milk and Cookies, which will be published on the digital platform, are preparing to meet the audience. Arte Film Medya is producing the series. Osman Kaya is sitting on the director’s chair of the series, which belongs to the script Kamuran Süner and Osman KAYA.

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