Zümrüdüanka series is locked on the big target!
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4 December 2022 06:06


Zümrüdüanka series is locked on the big target!

One of the remarkable productions of 2020 on Fox TV screens was Zümrüdüanka. The first season of the series, which brings together Alp Navruz and Ceren Yılmaz, was very good. Although the audience hesitated about Ceren Yılmaz at first, the young actor managed to impose herself with her performance.

The harmonious version of Alp Navruz and Ceren Yılmaz enabled the series, which was published in the first season, to get very good feedback. There is now a bigger target for Zümrüdüanka, shot in Cappadocia. Fox TV aims to reach wider audiences in the second season and get better ratings. For this, studies were carried out on the scenario both in the quarantine period and in the summer days.

In the first season, the most serious rival was the comedy series called the North Star. Zümrüdüanka will target wider audiences with the deepening of the story in the new season. In addition, the fall in the North Star series in the summer was also noteworthy. Does the North Star series suffer a retreat in ratings, which stands as a question mark.

A new actress is expected to join the series. However, this name is not clear yet. The clear development is that the team will meet in Cappadocia on July 15 and the shooting will begin.

Expectations are to take stock sections first, considering the second wave of the pandemic. The Phoenix series is expected to begin the second season in September.

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