Series News 1001 Nights opens the way to the Turkish series

1001 Nights opens the way to the Turkish series


1001 Nights row deeply affected Latin America

1001 Nights series ended and 2009 began in 2006 after years in Turkey drew attention in Latin America. In 2004, the 1001 Nights series came to the screen in South America, and this was the first time in Chile.

1001 Nights won the most watched series title in Chile. The story on the screen was actually full of coincidence …

Patricio Hernandez, the channel manager, sees the show at the fuard and wants to take it. But nobody believes that the Turkish line will hold. Another channel, Hernandez, broadcasts here. The 1001 Nights line-up scoring record opens Latin American gates to the Turkish lineup.

It is known that the series is addictive to many viewers.

In the series, it was interesting to take love with the struggle of a mother.

In Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, El Salvador, Panama and Uruguay, 1001 Nights were watched by 12 million people.