Series News Turkish series spread to South Asia

Turkish series spread to South Asia


Middle East, Balkans and South America, the Turkish series spread to South Asia.

In the South Asian countries where there is a serious TV watching habit, the Turkish series is appreciated.

Young people can reach every sort of internet … Asian countries are increasing the habit of watching series from digital platforms …

The South Korean and Indian series as well as the Turkish series are now being watched in the houses.

The Turkish name ‘Turkish Delights’

The Zee Essel Group, based in India, is the first to publish the Turkish series.

Zindagi TV has made great progress in the serial industry. Asian youths can watch the series of many countries through this channel.

In addition to India, there are Turkish series in countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam.

What’s Fatmagul’s Crime? the sequence was very popular. In social media, different pages are opened in different languages ​​of each country.

I Named Every Feriha series also attracted great interest.

i have been watched by millions of Turkish serials.

India is especially interested in the Turkish series.

If the culture is different, the Turkish series influenced the Indians.

The same situation is actually in Turkey …

Many Indian series with a serious audience in Turkey.ı naı na

The Turkish series including topics such as love, drama and struggle are very popular among women.