Series News Turkish tv series admiration in Malaysia

Turkish tv series admiration in Malaysia


Turkish series continues to spread in South Asia.

In Malaysia, which is a Muslim population, Turkish series attracts great interest …

The Magnificent Centruy series has been watched by many people in Malaysia for some debate, due to some staging.

Having a conservative structure, Malaysia has a different approach to the Turkish series.

For this reason, Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent initiated a diplomatic relationship with Malay.

However, the surplus of the harem stages in the contest was criticized too much in Malaysia. For they were not right to show the Great Süleyman in this way.

The criticism of the sequel has been on the agenda for a long time because Islam is not appropriate.

When you look at the effects on social media, there are many fans of the Turkish series both in Malaysia and in the nearby geography.

The social media pages for the Turkish series are published in an abstract format.

Other Turkish serials that attracted attention in Malaysia are Brave Beautiful and New Bride…