Actors - Actresses Unforgettable TV series of Merve Oflaz

Unforgettable TV series of Merve Oflaz


Merve Oflaz name as the first we’ve heard of Survivor Turkey contest in 2010. She was born on May 23, 1988. Survivor Turkey participated in the competition and won. This was a first. The first time a woman won the contest in Turkey Survivor contestant. Merve Oflaz, who gained great popularity, then tried her luck in the series.

Her first series was the Magnificent Century. Ayşe Hatun showed herself in the series she joined in 2011. Then she received different role offers from different projects. Merve Oflaz shared posts about these series from her Instagram account and expressed her feelings.

Played the character of Aslı in the My Heart 4 Seasons series. She can’t forget those days.

She took part in Notepad as Iclal. She was the assistant actor in the series.

She was a guest actor as Oya in the series of Beautiful Villagers.


She competed in Survivor All Star in 2015. Then she starred with the character İpek in the Return to Home series. She thinks she was a little overweight at that time.


She took part in the Lizard series as a guest actor with the character of Şenay. She played the leading role in the Colorful series with the character of Saadet.


Now, she plays the character of Bahar in the Back Streets series.


Joining the Back Streets team in 2017, the actress filled the eye with its successful performance and became one of the most influential names in the production.

The famous actress continues to be in the series of Back Streets…