Series News Star TV, whose 10 series has made its finale, is coming to 5 series like a bomb!

Star TV, whose 10 series has made its finale, is coming to 5 series like a bomb!

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A new one has been added to the projects that are expected to be published in the new season on Star TV. Star TV, which is certain to open later in the new season, is preparing very effective series.

Teams work intensively for effective drama productions such as Hanedan, Sana Söz, Benim Hayatım and Kaderimin Oyunu. These series are being prepared for Star TV. Star TV, which is currently on the screen only with the Ada Masalı, will present its new series one after the other during the season.

It is seen that Star TV, which has canceled a total of 10 TV series in the last 1 year, carries out a more meticulous and cautious work after successful projects.

Since last year, the productions of Güvercin, Sefirin Kızı, Babil, Menajerimi Ara, İyi Günde Kötü Günde, Sol Yanım, Akrep, Seni Çok Bekledim, Kağıt Ev and finally Kazara Aşk have been broadcast on Star TV.

While the Sefirin Kızı series ended as planned, Menajerimi Ara took a lot longer than expected. Other series, on the other hand, were productions that upset their fans by making early finals.

For the new season, Star TV almost launched a series attack…

The productions named Hanedan, Sana Söz, Benim Hayatım, Kaderimin Oyunu and Annemizi Ararken are currently the projects prepared for the success of Star TV. It is known that the channel is also interested in other productions. As details emerge, we will share them with you.