Series News A bomb deal from the director of the Maraşlı series!

A bomb deal from the director of the Maraşlı series!

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The series named Maraşlı was broadcast on the ATV screen last season. The acting performances of the series, which told an impressive story throughout 26 episodes, were also very good.

Both the story and the shooting quality of the series, in which Burak Deniz and Alina Boz took the leading roles, were talked about a lot. One of the most important roles in the success of the series belonged to the director Arda Sarıgün.

It turned out that the new series of Medyapım was entrusted to Arda Sarıgün. The new series, which will bring Hazal Kaya back to the sets after a long hiatus, will be the domestic adaptation of the US production Oasis.

Having bought the rights of the series in the science fiction category, Medyapım made an agreement with Buğra Gülsoy for the lead role, as well as Hazal Kaya.

While the preparations for the series continued meticulously, director Arda Sarıgün, who came to the fore with Maraşlı, agreed with Medyapım about the project.

As it is known, Medyapım is a very effective production company in adaptations. The Turkish adaptation of Oasis will also be very different and will make a lot of noise.