Artists News A brand new career opportunity has opened up for Melis Minkari after the TV series Kardeşlerim

A brand new career opportunity has opened up for Melis Minkari after the TV series Kardeşlerim


The successful performance of Melis Minkari, who plays the character of Aybike in Kardeşlerim (For My Family), one of the popular TV series on Saturday evenings, made her stand out in the social media. Melis Minkari, who has been on the agenda in social media and the press for 2 years thanks to the strong supporters of the series, has managed to become one of the most admired young actors.

In the story of the series, the characters of Aybike and Berk also attract a lot of attention on social media and stand out as one of the most popular TV series couples. In such an environment, new project opportunities arise for young actress Melis Minkari, both in terms of popularity and profession.

Melis Minkari managed to open up a new space for herself by taking part in the team that took the stage for the Broadway Musical. “I got involved in the project by chance,” the actress said. Minkari, who admitted that she was afraid at first when the musical offer came, understood that it was a good opportunity after looking at the content of the project.

In her statement on Dizi TV, the actress said: “I wanted to learn about the content of the project, I went and talked. It was a challenge for me, I wanted to get into it directly,” she said.

With this project, Melis Minkari took an important step towards seeing herself in a different environment and improving her acting experiences.

The young actress, who will both dance and sing on stage, also emphasized that working is very important.

Melis Minkari explained her feelings and the process with these words: “This job is really 10 percent talent, 90 percent effort and work. If you have 10 percent talent, you shine. I can’t decide on the talent part, I don’t know if I’m talented. However, I am trying my best. I give 90 percent to work. It’s hard, you dance alone, you sing the song alone. It’s even harder to do both together.”