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22 May 2022 11:44


A completely different Nalan awaits the audience next season in Camdaki Kız

One of Kanal D’s most successful works, The Camdaki Kız (Girl in the Glass) has managed to rise again, although its ratings have dropped in the last few weeks. As we approach the end of the season, it is wondered whether Camdaki Kız will be on the screen next winter. The Camdaki Kız will continue to appear on the screen next season with a completely different Nalan.

The Camdaki Kız series, which created great controversy and attracted great attention in the first days of its appearance on the screen, is about to successfully complete its second season. Camdaki Kız, which had been down in ratings for a few weeks recently, has managed to rise again. Therefore, it is also guaranteed for the next season.

The story in The Camdaki Kız actually consists of two parts. In the first episode, we watch a Nalan who never makes a sound in an extremely sheltered and oppressive life. In the second part, a Nalan follows the chauffeur she fell in love with, listening to her heart and leaving everything behind.

Camdaki Kız series got off to a fast start with its first season. In the second season, the prolongation of the subject and Nalan’s depressive states began to bore the audience. As a matter of fact, this situation was also reflected in the ratings. The audience, bored with The Camdaki Kız, started to leave the series one by one.

Another reason that revealed this situation was the success of the series Mahkum (Prisoner). The Mahkum series broadcast on Fox TV was very successful in the ratings and displaced the Camdaki Kız. However, the problems experienced in the scenario of Mahkum in recent weeks caused its to lose in the ratings. Thus, Camdaki Kız has managed to rebound in the ratings in the last few weeks.

The episode aired last night in Kanal D’s successful series has now brought the ropes to the breaking point. It’s almost time for Nalan to learn that the people she knows as her parents are actually her grandparents and that she was born as a result of rape.

The emergence of this truth just before the end of the season shows that a very excited Camdaki Kız is waiting for the audience next season. Nalan, who learns all the facts and leaves everything behind to go to the man she loves, will say hello to a very different life.

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