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21 May 2022 18:10


The fans who saw the twin sister of Özgü Kaya, Türkan of Üç Kız Kardeş, were surprised!

Özgü Kaya, who plays the character of ‘Türkan’ in the TV series Üç Kız Kardeş (Three Sisters), aired on Kanal D on Tuesday evenings, is appreciated for her performance.

The fans of the series, which are eagerly awaited by the audience every Tuesday, are also very pleased with the harmony and high energy of Özgü Kaya and Berker Güven. On social media, the characters ‘Türkan’ and ‘Somer’ seem to be the most talked about series couple of the last period.

Özgü Kaya, who also actively uses social media, often shares the series set. The last Instagram post of the actress surprised her fans.

Özgü Kaya, who shared her photo with her twin brother Efekan Kaya, and her fans, who saw her brother, were surprised for a short time.

Özgü Kaya expressed her love for her twin sister with the following words; “My brother, my twin, the piece of my soul that I laughed the most and laughed the most together. I love you!”

The actor’s share by fans; ‘You’re so cute, how nice it is to be twins!’, ‘Maashallah’; Many comments were made as “You are very beautiful”.

Özgü Kaya shared the photo above with the note ‘Our permanent mode’.

It is understood from the photographs that Özgü Kaya loves her brother Efekan very much and also had a lot of fun when she was with him.

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