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29 May 2022 06:26


A handsome actor of Sen Çal Kapımı has chosen his new project!

Yiğit Dikmen, the actor of the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı (Love is in the Air), which has been broadcast in 85 countries and has officially shaken the world, has finally determined his new project. The handsome actor will appear in front of his fans with Kanal D’s summer series Seversin (You Like).

It’s been months since Sen Çal Kapımı series, which made a big impression not only in Turkey but all over the world, ended. While some actors of the series are still waiting for the new project, some have already determined their new series. One of these names was Yiğit Dikmen, who played the character of Emre in Sen Çal Kapımı.

The 34-year-old handsome actor stepped onto the sets with the movie Güzel Günler Göreceğiz (Beautiful Days We’ll See) while he was a student at the conservatory of Haliç University. Then, in 2015, he took a role in the TV series Şehrin Melekleri (City of Angels), which appeared on Fox TV, and gave life to the character of Fırat.

Another TV series project in which Yiğit Dikmen took part was Hayat Mucizelere Gebe broadcast on Kanal D screens. Yiğit Dikmen starred with Hande Ataizi, Damla Colbay and Işıl Yücesoy in the series.

Yiğit Dikmen, who also competed in Survivor, also came to the screen with the series Umuda Kelepçe Vurulmaz. The handsome actor most recently played the character of Emre in the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı.

Yiğit Dikmen is now preparing to meet his fans with the new summer series of Kanal D, Seversin. The name of the production, which was announced a few weeks ago and was stated to be Bir Yaz Dizisi (A Summer Series), was later changed to Seversin.

In the series, where İlayda Alişan and Burak Yörük will share the leading roles, there are also names such as Halil İbrahim Kurum, Zeynep Kankonde, İlkin Tüfekçi, Ceren Taşçı and Hazal Benli. Serdar Gözelekli is the director of the series, which is planned to be set at the end of the month. The script of the project, which is predicted to be a romantic comedy summer series, is written by Barış Erdoğan and İlker Arslan.

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