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19 May 2022 21:44


Onur Tuna eagerly awaits the season finale of the Mahkum series

Famous actor Onur Tuna has been on the agenda recently with the series Mahkum (Prisoner). The actress, who was the first in the rating with the TV series broadcast on Fox TV on Thursday evenings, continues to enchant his fans with her effective performance.

Seray Kaya, who played the last character of Cemre in the series Mahkum, whose 17th episode is left behind, left the story. Many fans of the series, who stated that the leading actress said goodbye to the series early, criticize this situation. Onur Tuna, on the other hand, continues to work intensively on the set. Saying that he has no time to do anything else because of this intensity, Onur Tuna said, “It’s going well, Mahkum,” and said that he was satisfied with everything.

Stating that he is waiting for the series to make the season finale, the actor said, “Let’s take a vacation first, we are tired. Let’s see ahead of us and then we will talk,” he said. Onur Tuna, with these words, told the fans of the series, who are waiting for the second season, how tired the team is.

The Mahkum series, which is sure to be continued by Fox TV in the next season, emerged with an intense work tempo. This busyness of the team for months brought along the longing for a holiday. Onur Tuna expressed his desire for the season finale to come with these words.

The actor who is also interested in music besides his TV series work, said that it relaxes his. Onur Tuna said, “When I am bored, constricted or tired on the set, I spend it in the studio. That’s why it makes me more comfortable,” he said.

Explaining that he has been interested in music since his childhood and has been working with acting, the actor said that he will exist on both sides. Onur Tuna said, “Acting is at the front right now, it’s something I like more and enjoy doing.”

The actor, who continues to produce songs, shoots clips and is pleased with the feedback, added that he is very pleased with the organic increase in the viewing rates of the clip.

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