Artists News A memory that affected Ata Demirer’s life!

A memory that affected Ata Demirer’s life!

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Everybody knows how the life of the famous comedian Ata Demirer is intertwined with the sea… The famous comedian, who frequently exhibits his state in the sea in his social media posts, shared one of the most important places of his life with his followers.

The actor, who went to the Altıntaş district of Bursa, gave important information about his life with the posts he made here. The famous comedian, who stated that he met the sea for the first time at the age of 8, expressed that he first fell in love with the sea here.

Returning to Altıntaş after 40 years, the player stated that he was uncomfortable with the change in the region. Demirer commented, “It was a pity, it was plundered” …

The famous comedian shared these details, which are very important for his life, and took his followers to his own past.

Here is Ata Demirer’s message:

Everything started here at this pier,
When I was eight years old, I looked into the water for the first time with the sea mask in my hand.
Forty years have passed,
I fell in love briefly here first
Hello Altıntaş, hello Bursa
It’s a shame
it is almost destroyed with the pressure of construction, but it still has the beauties it will show.
Note: It was in place of the building that I showed with my hand.