Artists News Merve Boluğur punished for wanderin without a mask

Merve Boluğur punished for wanderin without a mask

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Famous actress Merve Boluğur was seen many times wandering around the street and in the shopping center without a mask. We also saw that the famous actress did not answer the questions of reporters about why she did so.

In a youtube chat, the actress said, “I am naturally distant”, and teased the situation and showed that she did not care about the coronavirus.

Merve Boluğur’s attitude of wandering without a mask, which was reflected in the press and criticized seriously on social media, was punished. Ali Eyüboğlu, one of the columnists of Milliyet Cadde, shared the following information on the subject:

“After all the reactions to Merve Boluğur walking around without a mask, someone finally did their duty. This way, players, Turkey is a ‘banana republic’ I see that. The penalty for not wearing a mask is 900 TL.

The news is that Boluğur was fined twice. However, there are photos on Google that show that Boluğur was viewed more than twice without a mask. That’s why the punishment should be higher. “