Series News A miniscule gorgeous actor in the Magnificent Century Kösem!

A miniscule gorgeous actor in the Magnificent Century Kösem!


The Magnificent Century Kösem came to the screen with a transition section and the second part, which is the continuation of the character introduction. Alihan Türkdemir, who performed a performance with no problems except for 2 hours and 25 minutes, 110 cm regardless of length, stamped with the character of Prince Mustafa.

I really think that this little guy is a great talent that must be well guided after being exposed to child actors who have left their mouths open with both their role and nature and who have been using them for decades or playing poetry poetry for years. Extending a chestnut to donate your life to your cellist is not just for your child’s innocence? Like everyone else, I was torn apart.

Arranged this place, the father of I. Ahmet III. It must also be said that Mehmet was inspired by a story that he had done, a story told about the massacre of sisters who left a trail of pain in history. When the henchmen arrive, the words of the brother of his five-year-old brother who says, “I’ll just come back to the end of the cesta,” III. Mehmet can not prevent his 19 brothers from sending him to death, but they say that he has disrupted his psychology over time and has cooled it from the harem to the palace.

I can not say that I was sulked, such a father is born of a conscience like Ahmet I. “Evil is born from the evil” evidence is the quality./Ekranella