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3 July 2022 20:50


Magnificent Century Kösem, The secret of the famous lion in Kösem!

Much has been written and drawn about the series before even the first episode of the Magnificent Century Kösem was published. And finally the “gorgeous” day arrived. Once again, the door of the palace opened on Thursday to the mortal man.

Everyone I met the next day had an interpretation of good or bad, absolutely about Kösem … The series was almost a matter of country. “Hülya Avşar was aged with makeup or was he aged?”, “Did Ekin Koç have the role of sultan?”, “Was he going to be able to throw checkers of Kömem, Hürrem’s pooch?”, While there were two assistant players in my mydaysa directory.


Lovely white cat Elizabeth and the magnificent lion that is a gift to Sultan Ahmet!

Since the lion sister is an animation, I am not surprised that the Best Supporting Actor prize will go white! Valla I think Elizabeth’s performance was much more impressive than the Safiye pardon Hülya Sultan he had built on his lap …

Anyway, sir, do not say animation, our palace lion is as real as possible. Oscar-winning “Life of Pi” fully prepared coated in computer opponent for the film had been almost from Turkey.

What was this “Lion King” secret?
For the animation to be close to reality, we went to Cuba, Moscow and Kazakhstan, where bone, muscle and dental specimens of lions were taken and our animation lion was placed one by one! Since the Aslan’s close-up views are also taken; The inside of the mouth, the sailboat and the feather are also modeled on the truth.
Here is the “mathematics” of this frenetic, advanced technological work


– For all the animation and visual effects in the first episode that we watched, DigiFlame set up a special team of 45 people.
– It took 6 months to work, including preparations.
– 450 different effects applied to the planet.
– The lion spent exactly 40,000 hours on “renders”. If there are people who do not know what Render means like me; processing a model made on a computer and finalizing it …

– A render farm with 1200 operators was installed for these plans. Sir, the render farm is the name of a super powerful and fast system created by many computers together.

Long story short animation, if you need the real animal number 10! The first part of the Darısı performers who do not really drink at the beginning of the … / İzzet Çapa-Hürriyet

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