Series News A grievous complaint about the Magnificent Century Kösem

A grievous complaint about the Magnificent Century Kösem


Gorgeous Century Koksem had complained before it was published

The series that met with audiences on November 12 revealed that the first episode started complaining before it was released. According to Habertürk’s report, the October report prepared by Radio Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) complaints has been completed.

According to the report, 9,107 people complained about the content on the call line, web page and mobile applications. The most interesting detail of the report is related to the Magnificent Century Kösem series.


Following the publication of the first episode of the Magnificent Century Kösem; Because of the fact that in the history of the women, they expressed their passion and they focused on Kösem Sultan. Signature campaign was launched in the virtual environment to remove the directory from broadcasting.