Series News The secret of the popularity of the Turkish line in Latin America

The secret of the popularity of the Turkish line in Latin America


Latin American adventure of Turkish series …

“Reaction” starts in Latin America
Oya Dogan – Vatan

TURKISH arrays continue to open to the world. In recent years, we have read stories of the sale of more women’s dramas such as What is Fatmagül’s Crime ?, Forbidden Love and the Magnificent Century. However, the type of political action was mostly sold to the Middle East. Women’s dramas on the Latin American market, while signing high ratings on the screens, I witnessed a beautiful two days ago.

Two young and successful creative producers of Reaction Yapım, Emre Özdere and Basar Başaran’s office, “Have you got any new business this season?” I heard about the question before I asked. The Reaction project was sold to Latin America. It will start soon in Mexico soon. Then he will come to the screen in all Latin America. But we will not watch our Reaction there. Because Televisa company took Reaction’s screenplay and reconstruction rights.

There is a serious content constraint in the world. Every day we hear the news of the projects of the Turkish screenwriters sold. But Reaction is a province. Because it was the first series sold to Latin America in the form of political action. I am sure this kind of series will be on sale. Congratulations! Come, visit me … Reaction Yapım is preparing to be on screen with a family drama that starts in Istanbul in March and continues in Aegean. At the moment there are player choices.