Series News America admires the Magnificent Century series

America admires the Magnificent Century series


Sözcü Newspaper writer Rahşan Gülşan received a memoir describing how the Magnificent Century series affected people in America:

Magnificent Century volunteer tourism ambassador

I took a cab in Las Vegas the other night. The driver came to live in İstanbul during my sobalness. The young taxi driver’s eyes shone: “My mother wants to see the Topkapi Palace too, and we are saving up for it,” he said.

Mexican, a crowded family. The mother of the child was watching the TV “The Great Century” all the time. Halit loved Ergenç. And the greatest desire was to see Istanbul.

This dialogue, which I have never expected, has been very pleasing to me, and it has also been sorrowful.

I am very happy that a Turkish producer has found a value that the actor has created with the set worker has such a beautiful response all over the world.

On the other hand, the rating system has changed since the first publication date of the ‘Magnificent Century’, so it is no longer possible to get ratings of such quality works.

Nevertheless, it is very, very proud to have witnessed the days of the success of such an index and Meral Okay in life.