A Mother's Sin will make cry us
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29 March 2023 19:27


A Mother’s Sin will make cry us

A Mother’s Sin series will be broadcast on Kanal D screen soon, and the second trailer was shared. A heavy drama story comes again. Özge Özberk and Musa Uzunlar take the lead roles. A very harsh drama comes upon the desperation of a mother who needs money for her son to have surgery …

There are good actors in “A Mother’s Sin” adapted from the TV series “A Mother’s Guilt”, which broke the ratings records in the Philippines … The second trailer of the series, which includes names such as Emre Kınay, Mert Yazıcıoğlu, Simay Barlas and Pamir Pekin, is very impressive.

A woman blames and kills someone. This woman is a mother and commits a crime to save her son .. The new images of the series, produced by Limon Film, will impress the viewers.

A woman who wants to save her son… A rich man who wants to die for her daughter and is waiting for this job from this woman… The story of A Mother’s Sin is very impressive and the audience will encounter a different production.

“I cannot be a murderer” words echo in the trailer… Özge Özberk made comments stating that they were looking forward to the series in her comments on social media.

The fans of the series, who think that a very good series is coming, are eagerly awaiting which day it will air. Here is the second trailer from A Mother’s Sin:

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