Series News A new development that changes the balance in the Elkızı series!

A new development that changes the balance in the Elkızı series!


The Fox TV series Elkızı continues its journey on Saturday evenings. Although the ratings of the series are still low, the channel management takes a stance that it should continue… There is also the possibility of the finale of the series, in which Sevda Erginci and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz starred. For this reason, those who like the story very much wait for Saturday evenings with great uneasiness.

The character of Zeliha, acted by Sedef Avcı in the El Kızı TV series, will change the course of the story… Zeliha’s steps will upset the balance. A different situation develops for Ezo and the Elkızı series becomes even more exciting. Here are the details about what will happen in the 8th episode of the series, which will be broadcast on Saturday, December 11:

A new development that changes the balance in the Elkızı series! 7

With the arrival of Zeliha, all the balances change. For Ezo, life takes a completely different turn. She is dead, her mother is alive, she knows. She has reunited with her mother, but nothing is as she hoped. Who hid her mother all this time? On the one hand, Selçuk tried to calm the storms that broke within him with the return of the woman he loved, on the other hand, he pursued those who did this to Zeliha.

Aware of the narrowing of the circle, Cavidan makes a very dangerous decision to dispel doubts from himself. Meanwhile, Nermin is dealing with a completely different threat – Cemal! Their lives are turned upside down by a major crime involving Harun. Songül, on the other hand, suddenly finds herself next to Ali and as her supporter in the most difficult moment.

Ali’s mind and heart are both in Ezo. Ali will not be silent anymore. He pours whatever is inside Ezo. This is another shock for Ezo. Another blow to Harun, whose world was destroyed, comes from Ezo. Everything has turned into a mess. Among all these emotional earthquakes, Ezo also made definite decisions about her life and feelings.